The Price Is Height

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The penthouse and the doghouse

Now, it's time for the results. Bernie announces that Protégé completed a lease in the amount of $35,001. Troy smiles. Carolyn announces, however, that VersaCorp's lease agreement is for $40,000. "Good job, guys," Bill says to Nick and Amy. Nick corrects Carolyn that the lease is actually for $40,800. She graciously agrees and corrects herself. Heh. Trump asks Troy if he's disappointed. He says he is. Asked whether he's surprised, Bill "Gas Up The Jet" Rancic insists that he would never underestimate Nick and Amy, and knew they were "tough competitors." Trump announces that as the winners, Nick and Amy will be taking a trip on the Trump jet for lunch tomorrow at Mar-a-Lago. Interestingly, with regard to Nick and Amy, he also makes the comment, "If this match doesn't work out, I'd be amazed," which I'm not sure is a compliment to either one of them. Protégé, meanwhile, will have to come to the Boardroom. We go to commercials over shots of Troy, Kwame, and Bill, and I suddenly realize that this is the first Boardroom where I've liked everybody, and where I didn't want to see anybody get fired.

That night, after the results are announced, everyone relaxes in S4. Boyfriend Bill interviews that he's feeling like a bit of an idiot about the "gas up the jet" comment, and would like to retract that. Heh. He and Troy talk about what a tough loss it was, and Troy interviews that he honestly doesn't know what they could have done better. He and Kwame chat while Troy polishes his shoes and Kwame reads a magazine. Troy mutters about how all isn't yet lost, and Kwame just calmly reassures him that he's not giving up at all, it's just the way things go sometimes.

Bill and Nick chat in the living room about when the plane leaves. Bill gripes about how Nick is going to be on this "luxury custom jet." "There's a bedroom in there, dude," he says. Nick laughs. "You better put that to use," Bill says, in what I interpret as a faux-serious voice. Nick laughs out loud. "You think so?" he asks. "You got this beautiful girl all over you, and you're not doing anything?" Then there's a cut, and Bill is saying, "They're gonna think you're a little sweet, you know, not that there's anything wrong with that." Nick laughs.

Now we visit Amy, and The Saxophone Of Long Legs plays as she sits with one foot up on the desk, the better to allow everyone to look directly up her skirt. Ew. Bill sits on the corner of the table. "You guys are gonna make a little magic on that airplane tomorrow, from what Nick tells me," Bill says to her in a husky voice. She cracks up. "What'd you say?" "I said, Nick says you guys are gonna make a little magic on that airplane tomorrow," and he tries to deliver it all in the husky voice, but he cracks up around "airplane." He laughs, she laughs. "Well, you know," Bill says in a matter-of-fact voice, "he was concerned that people were going to start thinking he was gay, so he said tomorrow, he's going to change the perception." "Oh, good," Amy says. "Well, maybe there'll be an attractive flight attendant on our plane."

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