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"You Are Chaos And Disorganization!"

Synergy goes up against that misfit Brent again, bitching in a round table as he's standing around the corner eavesdropping in some slovenly sweatpants. "We've tried, we've sat him down," says one, and that's true. "He's not mentally stable," says Allie, and that's true. "He has an awkwardness with women," says Pepi, which is actually more interesting and deserves more attention than they give it. "He has a potential to snap...and he has done it!" somebody says dramatically. Michael interviews, "When Brent snaps there will be serious problems," and I almost pass out from thoughts of pleasure watching that go down. "The aggressiveness with Stacy, I felt so bad." Allie thinks that part of it should not be minimized, and I agree, but as a plank, not the focus. They all talk about his abnormal behavior and Sean brings up how Brent acts like an escapee from a mental ward, and Pepi talks about how Brent will indeed be losing it at some point, in case you didn't know, and interviews that Brent's not so much "trying to be funny," but nevertheless "might has well be wearing a big red nose and big-ass shoes." And yes, I hate clowns and I hate Brent, but not all birds are irrefutably blackbirds: I hate Brent not because he is clownish, I hate him because he is a dipshit.

Stacy tries to rein them in from using her Brent experience as the main deal: "If I thought I was in a dangerous situation, I would have voiced it. I was uncomfortable for a moment, but I wouldn't characterize it as a threat...[just] inappropriate and confrontational." Which, again, she's coming up against the semantics, which is that she did use the word "threat," and since trying to back off this is at cross-purposes to the witch-hunt mentality, she's going to get burned for that, when her actual take on the situation has been clear from start to finish. If they weren't so invested in the idea of scapegoating him on this particular drama-queen issue, they'd know to portray it as a symptom of the issue, and not the issue itself, but this way Stacy's just handing them the stupidest way of dealing with it that they could possibly use. So of course Pepi's all over it and not hearing her at all. Roxanne, especially, is disappointing this regard, interviewing that Stacy's being "wishy-washy" and that apparently the question is not whether Brent's actions were appropriate, so much as whether Stacy actually used the word "threat" or not. Which kind of makes me dislike Roxanne, because that's a really ridiculous lateral move for these people. Allie's not happy, because her whole persona that we've seen so far is about how they're all such great friends and it's all based on a mutual hatred of Brent. Stacy tries again: "I was unnerved when I came in, and..." "You made it seem like you wanted something done right then," Roxanne interrupts, even though that's not a contradiction of anything really. She did. She wanted him out of her face. "If she was consistent about her story, I think I would have felt differently about it, ultimately," snits Roxanne, who clearly is not interested in the complexities of this, and would rather hyperfocus on what she imagines Stacy thought happened than what she saw with her own eyes.

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