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Donald's cute: "Wasn't easy, Ivanka. Good people, they weren't Apprentices." He thinks. "Okay. I'm satisfied." Yeah, me too. I really liked Stacy, and I think she could've gone far, but with that kind of Threat Matrix bullshit on her record, she wouldn't have lasted, because that's TV poison. But also, she'd have Michael gunning for her, and the rest of the team would have blamed her for Brent staying anyway, if that had happened, and if not, would have blamed her for Pepi or Michael leaving, so she was probably screwed either way. It's funny because after all that "I'm just too damn smart" stuff, it's kind of why she left: she was too smart to explain the difference between being scared and threatened, and being appalled and harassed, in a way the rest of the team could swallow. But, like, that's her failure, but also her triumph, because she doesn't have to deal with Brent anymore, and they do. Out in the cab, Pepi explains that he "put his best forth," and then immediately contradicts himself: "There were circumstances beyond my control." Whatever, I'm so bored. I get where the screaming about "stepping up" comes from, when they say shit like that. "I allowed the mere fact of Brent's existence to make me a bad manager who didn't make a single fucking decision or in fact manage anybody. Isn't that so sad?" Stacy is hilarious: "Our team is destined for failure because Mr. Trump sent Brent back to join them. There's no way somebody like Brent would ever work for Mr. Trump." And yeah, she's right, but it's a nice little window on the fact that, misdirected or not, Brent was...pretty right about Stacy all along. Doesn't make her wrong, but that's what being a big fake liar is for!


Lessons learned: No matter who's PM, it's your responsibility to actually contribute to the team in some way. If your ideas -- about location, about bathrobes, about "threat" -- start to go south, cowboy up and work with the rest of your team to get things going again. Your job isn't over once you've come up with something. If nothing else, devote yourself to distracting Brent long enough for everybody else to get the job done. They'll thank you for it on a level they won't even maybe be aware of. The best possible reaction, again, to even a person like Brent: Figure out what they are for. Something Synergy has still not even attempted to do, because they're so focused on the absolute horror of him. He has a purpose, and he'll keep bringing down the team, and the tasks, until somebody is smart enough, and brave enough, to actually think about what that might be. You lose nothing, and you gain more than a teammate, because you gain also the negative value he takes away from the group. Failing that, at least try to hide the eye-rolling and outright ignoring of the Brent of the group, because that's some second-grade shit right there. And especially do not pull a Pepi/Tarek and do a half-assed job, on the off chance that you can blame the loss on Brent/Summer. That's the sickest fucking thing I've seen yet, and now it's happened twice in a row. (Think they'll shift somebody to Synergy right away? Or just let them dangle in the Brent-infested waters until they're picked clean?) I liked Stacy. Don't let this happen again. Or if you do, could you transfer him to Gold Rush first? Because GR is clearly the better team, but there are still people I like -- Andrea, maybe Allie, maybe Tammy -- on Synergy, to whom I must once more point out, collectively: It's showtime, bitches. Get it together.

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