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"What I said," he begins, and already: "what you said" is not at issue, it's the way you said it, or didn't in this case -- that's the issue. But if Brent knew thing one about body language, nonverbal communication, personal space, hygiene, things of this nature, he'd not be in this pickle, and I get that, so he's judging it by what he said, which was apparently very meaningful for him personally. Even though maybe not even Markus would even get what he was talking about. "There was no assault, there was no battery." Okay, got it. Have we so quickly fallen to the "since I don't actually understand what I'm being accused of, I'll take it ad absurdum and hope that works" so quickly, Brent? She said I got in her face? Well, I wasn't carrying a gun, so what's the problem? "As an attorney, Stacy should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself." Wait, what? He says this sixteen hundred times in the episode and I still don't know what that means, except that being a lawyer is Brent's own personal Mensa certificate.

"If you're going to treat me like a piece of crap, you better be prepared to get a response! If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!" Okay, I don't know what that means exactly either, but I think he thinks that "business" is about yelling and interrupting and fighting and making trouble, which if you watch this show, you might be confused about that, I guess. I think he thinks she needs to step up and face the fact that grown adults will sometimes bitch and scream and act like kids, and if she can't handle that, she should just go home. That's what it seems to suggest. Which is: crazy talk. "It wasn't harassment! There was nothing there! Stacy is making something out of nothing!" No, she's making something out of something, but you've replaced her something with a something that makes no sense to anybody but you. By his rules, yes, she's overreacting, but only because he would never understand the actual problem in a million years, because the actual problem is him, like, the way he is, and nobody could reasonably expect him to get that. Obviously he sees no problem with his own behavior, or else he, you know, wouldn't behave that way, so the issue is clearly hers. Which would be okay if A) he were correct, or B) it were just her. But it's not just her. Pepi elicits from Stacy: "I'm not going to be physically confronted by somebody for [no reason]." That's the score at halftime: Stacy doesn't like getting screamed at, Brent's satisfied with the fact that he didn't actually hit her. No bruise, no foul. This is idiotic.

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