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"You Are Chaos And Disorganization!"

Gold Rush. Tarek and Lee watch everybody yakking about where they should be, and Lee's just agreeing with everything that anybody says, especially Lenny, who I think intimidated him sufficiently last night that he feels the need to get him back on his side. Stupid. "I like it, I love it, we're doing it," Lee says in a fashion intended to seem decisive and commanding, but actually gives the opposite impression. He interviews that he'd "realized Lenny was right," and Lenny comforts him with hugs and noogies. Yuck. Not that hugs and noogies aren't great fun for everyone, but way to overcome the disadvantage of your age, dude. They'll get over thinking you're the little brother right quick if you keep doing that shit. I guess Lee's cool with being the team mascot. "It's very simple: the people with the most text messages wins. I learned my lesson. I'm learning it the whole time, as I go along." Nothing wrong with that, I guess, except it does give us a window on the way he views himself here, which is again: Don't be the little brother and they won't treat you like the little brother. And maybe we forgot to mention, but: You are the fucking Project Manager. Lenny and Lee are buddies again, for good or ill, and everybody's got signs about texting "CLOSER" to some number, and Tarek points out exactly how they're going to be winning the task to us: "Everybody's moving, everybody's got somewhere to be. But in the TKTS line, they're stuck. They have to play along with our antics." Which is exactly, exactly right, as long as you're going to plant yourself in a high-traffic public area. He tells Bill -- well, more precisely, Bill's ass -- that they were "up and out before the other team even woke up."

Scary music plays us into the freakshow of Synergy, also in Times Square. Sean is Britishing into a bullhorn as Andrea does cute, funny stuff in her bathrobe. Michael interviews that the people in Times Square are "on the move," they want to "get to their next destination," and completes the thought like Tarek did, with a little strategery on top: "Stacy was in charge of location on this task...should have let [Pepi] know [they] needed to do something different." Michael's obvious intelligence, plus this willingness to blame Stacy for making the exact same location decision as the winning team, puts a different spin on his Boardroom activities, for me. I would think it would be just as easy for Pepi to make the call to move to a higher-density, lower-movement area as it was for Tarek and Lee to do so. Perhaps Michael could have offered a suggestion or two? They all look insane on a street corner in their bathrobes for a while. I would think at some point at least one of them would notice at least the fact that the rest of them look like idiots, and make the jump to the fact that this is a good idea but a terrible strategy. Ivanka shows up looking like the Lance Corporal of Awesome Company, Intimidation Regiment, and they all get worried. Roxanne says that "Advertising doesn't matter at this point -- we need bodies," and I love how the moment of epiphany keeps happening with both teams, where they keep remembering the point of the task. It's neat for them that they get to keep figuring out the basics. I imagine there's a sense of enormous well-being that goes along with that.

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