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That's an Expensive Meatball

Donald Trump usually likes to do a battle of the sexes to amuse himself, but this time, he wants to make some celebrities feel less popular so he pulls Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins up to select teams schoolyard/kickball style. Playmate of the year, Brande Roderick knows this is bad news. Trace picks Penn Jillette, a wise decision. Bret confusingly picks Omarosa, to harness her "evil energy" against the other team. Donald Trump, having already commented on Lisa Rinna's lips, notes that Omarosa's body shape has changed a lot and he's proud of her. Hate is a strong word, but it's the only way I can think to feel about Donald Trump.

Trace picks Dee Snider, Bret picks Lil Jon, Marilu Henner goes to Trace's team, Brande goes to Bret's bus for hots and fundraising. Trace chooses Stephen Baldwin, Bret chooses La Toya. What is Bret doing? Trace takes Lisa Rinna, Bret chooses Claudia Jordan. Only Dennis Rodman and Gary Busey remain, and Trace takes wild card Gary Busey. Dennis Rodman claims that being picked last doesn't bother him. He's just happy to be on a team with Claudia Jordan. I think I love Dennis Rodman.

The first task is to choose team names, and Bret's team notices that they are largely a team of color. They have lots of terrible ideas like "Team Salt 'n Pepa," and "Team Oreo." You know, because there are black people and some white people, and whatever box La Toya checks on her census. Omarosa does some freestyle rapping in front of Lil Jon, rhymes "Trump Tower" with "power" and a terrible team name is born: Team Power it is. Oof.

In the other room, Gary Busey has the best team names: The Invisible Witches, Sperm Farmers, Carrots, Sanitation Engineers, Bread Pudding, The Cotton Ponies, and Silver and Gold. Instead, they go with "Plan B." What an equally terrible name. Even Gary Busey knows it's the name of the morning after pill.

On Plan B, Stephen Baldwin volunteers himself to be the Project Manager for what will presumably be a fundraising task. Trace Adkins, who is always serious, also wants to be PM, and drops the name of "T Boone Pickens." Apparently that is a very rich person. He is so rich, in fact, that only rich people know what a T Boone Pickens really is.

At Team Power, Brande and Bret both want to be the Project Manager. Brande wants so badly to be the lead that she gets down on her hands and knees. "My girl Brande got down on her hands and knees in front of an old rock star, beggin' for it," Claudia says. Bret just asks her not to throw him under his own Rock of Love Bus.

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