The Wolf in Charge of the Hen House

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That's an Expensive Meatball

The judges for this round are previous winner Piers Morgan, and the classy, lovely, and perfect Ivanka Trump. Donald Trump asks Bret why he isn't the PM, and Omarosa jumps in to say it's a bad idea. I have a feeling we will constantly be updated on what Omarosa is thinking throughout the game.

For the first challenge, the teams will be making meatballs. Lordy. Each team will have a meatball shop, then will take a signature meatball to the Live With Kelly and Michael show. The team that makes the most money with their terrible celebrity meatballs wins all the funds raised.

La Toya notes in an interview that Omarosa is not a star. She also doesn't like that Omarosa is "evil, and malicious, and mean." And you don't want La Toya coming for you because you will hardly know it's happening.

Trace's big idea for the meatball shop is not to even open it to the public. He just wants fifteen people with big checks to donate and call it a day. Trace does not care if someone eats his meatball and throws up. Who is Trace Adkins, really, and what are we supposed to think of him?

"Stop thinking about the meatballs," Trace urges his team, but they keep brainstorming ideas for the meatballs. "Are y'all actually trying to make something really good?" Trace asks his team, "why?" Because, Trace, your strategy is faulty.

Meanwhile, Brande has the women in the kitchen making meatballs. Dennis wants to help cook, but Brande isn't comfortable with that. She also doesn't want him to do the graphics because he doesn't use a computer. So Dennis is on the outs, sitting on a stool talking about how he's a team player. Claudia invites Dennis to form the meatballs with them, and he comically barely fits into the rubber gloves provided.

At a loss, and hoping not to get distracted, Plan B tries to come up with a task to absorb Gary. Gary over-chops the greens, and is assigned Piers Morgan if he visits the meatball shop. Everyone is making calls for big checks on both teams, since we're talking about meatballs made by celebrities.

But someone has to actually consume the meatballs. It's up to Kelly and Michael to pretend they care. Kelly is a vegetarian, and Bret remembered that, offering a vegetarian meatball with a pesto sauce and truffle oil. To make up for the offensive name of "Naked balls with Harry's sauce," Penn Jillette juggles the meatballs for the audience. The old ladies in the audience liked that well enough.

Back at the Team Power meatball shop, Omarosa muses at how impressed with herself she would be to take out the only returning winner of Celebrity Apprentice. Screw diabetes, this is about revenge. Someone please tell me what charity Omarosa has forgotten she's playing for.

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