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That's an Expensive Meatball

Once attention is shifted to the other team, Penn Jillette proves yet again the most level-headed contestant this show has seen. He notes that Trace's decision to count on the "whales" is not the decision he would have made. Then Gary talks about "humility, a single-minded focus on doing good for everyone, and the making of the meatballs, and the serving of the meatballs." Stephen is in the hot seat for not bringing in any money on this challenge and saving his big donors for when he's project manager.

The attention turns back to Team Power and Piers's criticism of their balloons covering up some of the celebrities' faces on a big photo. It is generally agreed upon, by the judges, that Omarosa is historically unlikable. Dennis Rodman interjects with, "what do you have against this woman? You're obviously a dick, too," to Piers. This is some baggage carrying over from past seasons and I don't care for it.

At least the celebrities are clocking Piers for taking out personal vendettas from past seasons. I'm sure Piers is doing it because he thought it would make for good television, just like his fake feud with Howie Mandel on America's Got Talent. But in reality, it's tacky and we don't really care to see it. It's not about Piers anymore, and he needs to accept that. Claudia says Piers was whining like a woman, which Ivanka points out is derogatory towards women. She can say that to Claudia, but how she has managed to become deaf to her father's comments over the years is beyond me.

Donald Trump announces that Kelly and Michael liked the Team Power vegetarian meatball better and they won an extra $20,000. The totals come to $250,523 for Brande's team. Plan B raised $419,539. Who gave that extra $9? Not a very whale move. Anyway, Trace's team wins all that money for the American Red Cross, and his anti-game strategy did not pay off. Brande or Bret will be fired, since Donald Trump is so against Bret even being there.

In the board room, Donald Trump asks Brande whose fault it is that they lost. Brande asks Omarosa who made the least money, and Omarosa turns it back on Brande. Then, suddenly, it turns into Donald asking Brande if she thinks Omarosa stole money from the challenge. Brande gets clocked for not knowing her numbers, or how much each person brought in like a PM would want to know.

Bret gets some heat for choosing Omarosa on the team first, and isn't allowed to explain himself because everyone keeps interrupting him. The only reason Omarosa is so good at this game is because she doesn't allow anyone to interrupt her, and she goes along with whatever Donald Trump throws out.

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