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Wall of confusion

Later, a shadow slowly covers a church steeple, so...God is mad about the way this task went, I guess. Those clouds are flying, too. Apocalyptic? Quite possibly. In the L-Pal, Tara is sitting around the table with Audrey and Angie, and tells them that she thinks the team "missed the mark on what they were looking for." So at least she didn't miss, you know, the entire point of the meeting earlier. Angie and her aqua top look bored. Audrey then tells Tara that she's frustrated about having mentioned that she knew the game and had done graffiti before, and she feels like no one listened. Tara, in an interview, declares Audrey "full of it." And she doesn't mean moxie. Tara adds that Audrey apparently knew there were other scenes besides the city in the game, and Tara snots that she doesn't understand, then, why Audrey didn't say anything. And...Audrey did, of course. The word "desert" was used. Tara then gets herself all wound up, yelling to the camera about how Audrey didn't give her the "one piece of information that would have altered the whole course of how the ad would have been done." Oh, now, it would not. And if it would have, Tara should have found out enough about the game to know whether that was the case or not. This whole thing smells like desperation with a dash of delusion to me.

Back inside the L-Pal, Tara looks for sympathy from John, telling him that if she had only known that there were scenes in the game other than New York, she would have brought those things in, and apparently, she thinks it would have made a huge difference. She adds that "one person" knew that about the game, and John casually says, "Well, I knew." We cut to Tara, shifting her eyes toward John with great fury. "I knew there was other stuff," John repeats. "Why didn't you tell me?" Tara asks, incredulous that now two people have utterly betrayed her. John basically says he thought Tara chose "the urban thing because of the street thing," and adds that it's what he would have done, too. But Tara has chosen this "I only showed the city because I thought there only was the city" approach, so she's having none of it. She interviews that she will probably be taking Audrey and John to the final table, because they "neglected to pass one key piece of information" to her. And that is, literally, the worst reasoning I have ever heard for taking people in. Even Audrey's toes, the polish of which dries as she chats on the phone, could have come up with better reasoning than that. As Audrey absently swirls an empty bottle of Trump Ice (really!), Tara interviews that they let her fail on purpose by not telling her that Gran Turismo 4 had deserts in it. I am totally not kidding. Back on the couch, John puts in his headphones all, "Whatever." He does not look too concerned that this will be his downfall. Besides, he's going to chill with his tunes, dude.

Ding! The members of Net Worth and their rolly-cases come into the lobby, and then they walk into the Boardroom. Trump comes in and is seated, and he goes directly to, "Who was the project manager? YOU were the project manager." He points at Tara. Wow. That was uncomfortable. It's never good when Trump points. He asks her what happened. She actually opens with the dumb thing about how she would have done things differently if she had had this key piece of information -- key, I tell you -- which is that there is more to Gran Turismo 4 than just the city. ["I am flabbergasted that anyone would lead with this argument. It's one thing to say you weren't given information about the budget, but to wait for someone else to tell you what the product which you are trying to advertise even does, or is? Why you would 1) do that or 2) admit to doing that is inconceivable to me." -- Sars] Trump asks who didn't give her that information, and Tara mentions both Audrey and John. John looks incredulous that Tara is actually relying on this horseshit argument. John says that he assumed Tara knew that. He also basically defends her concept as it was, saying that the city is part of the game, so there was nothing wrong with using a city scene. Audrey chooses to attack the substance, saying that she did tell Tara that there were different scenes in the game. George is irritated by this a little, and tells the women that clearly, someone isn't being straight about this, because either Tara got the information or she didn't. I think what really happened was that Tara got the information but wasn't paying attention, so I'm not sure anyone is lying, but Tara comes up with a weird explanation in which she says that well, yes, Audrey did mention that there were different themes, but Tara thought she just meant in GT3, which Audrey has played. Tara didn't know she meant in GT4. Audrey points out that it would be stupid to think Audrey knows anything about a game that hasn't even been released yet. Tara now brings up that Audrey knew more about the game than she did, and should have brought that up, since Audrey had no problem bringing up certain other things. Like...Craig!

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