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Wall of confusion

Feeling the pull of the drain, Tara calmly admits that she made some miscalculations. When she waffles on admitting that they were serious, though, Trump brings her back to the fact that it was ultimately a marketing task, not a community outreach task. He insists that they didn't get it right, and in the end, he's going to fire Tara. The candidates slowly rise and leave. As Craig and Audrey go up and Tara heads down, Trump tells George and NotCarolyn that Tara is smart and tough, but blew the task spectacularly enough that she was pretty much screwed. "I agree with that," George says. Tara goes down and gets in her cab. Drama!

In her exit speech, Tara is still arguing about her ad not being the rightful loser. And then she shit-talks Audrey for having "maturity" issues, and shit-talks her team for needing direction, and shit-talks having to give "specific instructions" just because she was the project manager.

Next week: Clowns. No, literally.

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