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The Magna love-fest breaks up after Erin tells Stephanie not to feel bad about crying, as she's already done it herself a number of times. I could slag her for being all girly, but if I had worn a green dress and Uggs, I would have cried, too.

Morning comes to the L-Pal. Angie grabs the Rhonaphone again, and learns that Trump will be waiting at the Sony PlayStation offices "this morning," and they have to be ready, because he's really busy today. up whenever? Okay. Angie makes a note. I love Rhona's mint-green blouse/suit thing, by the way. And she has what appears to be a child's drawing behind her, right under the "Master Of The Universe" Trump headline, so that's a nice contrast between absolute power and childishness. Or...maybe not "contrast." Angie does a little happy dance in the L-Pal over the concept of the PlayStation, and wonders what time it is. Because she only has an entirely unspecified amount of time to get the team over to Sony, so she'd better hurry.

We swoop back to Manhattan and make our way to the PlayStation offices, where Trump is quizzing two Sony dudes (Glasses and No-Glasses) about how PlayStation is doing. Of course, they're not obligated to prove anything to Trump, for whom they technically do not work, after all, but they sort of suck up reflexively, promising that "business is great." Trump, George, NotCarolyn (sigh), and the two PlayStation suits head out to meet the candidates, who are helpfully gathered in their usual cantaloupe. Trump introduces the suits, and tells them that PlayStation is the world's largest videogame maker, and does over $6 billion a year in sales. Trump then says that there's "a new form of urban advertising," which he says is something that goes by the name "graffiti." What is this graffiti he speaks of? I do not understand it. Is it some electronic doodad? Trump does not stop to explain, but says that he's usually not happy about graffiti (whatever it may be), but "some of it is truly amazing." (Is it a kind of ice cream?) The task this week is to create a graffiti billboard for PlayStation's new product, which No-Glasses explains is Gran Turismo 4. WOOOOOOO! (Just seems like the thing to say. Sorry.) Trump says they'll have to choose an artist to create their billboard on a 20-foot wall in Harlem, and there will be a focus group from "that community" that will offer comments before the PlayStation suits ultimately decide which advertisement they're happier with. That team will be the big winners, and the other team will go to the Boardroom. Tana is exempt from last week. Aaaaand...go!

Net Worth starts off by playing what is presumably some Gran Turismo 4. John is driving his imaginary car, and after crashing it, he notes that he's not very good. This much is true. And then we peek in on Net Worth's later meeting, in which project manager Tara explains that she doesn't want "a negative spin" going into an ad in Harlem. She interviews that she "understand[s] Harlem" and "wanted to tie the ad to that community." And then she says this: "The city is a metaphor for the new game." Er. Yeah, you can kind of tell that when you start in with the city being a metaphor for a videogame, things are probably about to kind of go downhill. As it turns out, Tara thinks that you can make a parallel between the revitalization of Harlem and...well, Gran Turismo 4. In the meeting, John brusquely questions whether this is really supposed to be a "statement of social consciousness," rather know, and ad for a videogame. Audrey adds, and I quote: "The game gets into different areas, though. You could be, like, in the desert, you could be in the street, you could be..." Tara ignores her. Audrey interviews that she and John have both played previous versions of the game, and they know that it's about racing, getting points, and "souping up your car." She insists that when it comes down to it, this is a racing game, not a game about New York. Well, and seriously, if there's one thing that city driving in New York does not suggest to me, it's speed. Maybe if it were called Gran Honkismo 4.

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