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Tara tells the team that she does believe the ad should be fun, but also, "There are a lot of sensitivities in Harlem, and I just would hate to have people like the way it looks, and then one little thing we put in there..." And she's right, but she's also wrong in this...profound way. Glasses and No-Glasses come in to meet with Net Worth, and Tara greets them. She asks them who would be the target demographic for the ad, and they serve up your basic male 18-34 audience. No-Glasses says that they want to see the team's vision of the "hip, urban demographic," and Tara volleys back, "I am the hip, urban demographic." The team chuckles. Tara reviews this in her interview and says that she should certainly have a better chance to nail this task than Magna, so she intends to be extra-humiliated if she loses, ha ha ha. File that under Words, Famous Last.

Harlem. Various impressive displays of graffiti. In its van, Magna is brainstorming (oh, goody) about the "layout" of its ad. Alex says that he decided to volunteer to be PM because they had lost a bunch of tasks, and he's "sick of losing." And then, in the interview, he kind of shrugs and says, "I play videogames. I went to college." Heh. I like how so far, Magna has emphasized that its experience in college equips it to (1) throw keggers and (2) play videogames. Stop telling, you guys! They're already eviscerating federal financial aid. He says in the van to Erin and Kendra that they're going to pick out the artist while Bren and Stephanie work on the "concept." Because you wouldn't want to confuse the two by discussing your concept with your artist, I guess. Alex explains that he sent Bren and Stephanie to meet with Glasses and No-Glasses to find out what it will take "to convey the Sony message." That message being, of course, in the great tradition of retail, "Buy this thingie." At the same time, Alex, Erin, and Kendra are headed to a park where they're meeting prospective artists. Alex explains that he asked each artist for his or her philosophy, and then we hear one explaining how she likes to do work that "will enhance a community" while still being "fun and lively." Alex says that this woman, whose name is Lady Pink, would be just right for them, because she seems to be willing to respond to what other people want, rather than just to impose her vision on them. They choose her, and take her off to look at the wall.

Net Worth meets with several artists also. John explains that the things he was looking for were someone who had played the game, someone with a great portfolio, and someone who could be fast. Hee. They meet a guy named Ernie who meets all of their requirements. He says he's not very good at Gran Turismo, but he has played it, at least. Tara exposits that they believe Ernie can execute their vision, which it turns out is something relating to the "mean streets of New York." Because nothing says "we love you, people of Harlem" like making New York look like it fucking hates you. Not only that, but she wants there to be buildings with actual "scowling faces" inside. I'm not really getting the positive vibe she's going for, even when you add the car that she envisions "twisting" through the air. Oh, and then there will be "someone with an Afro waving them on." I can't help wondering how Tara would have reacted if anyone else had pitched the same thing, but at any rate, Net Worth takes Ernie off to its...lair, or whatever.

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