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Wall of confusion

Magna Wall. Alex explains how they're going to have a "tricked-out" car flying through a New York skyline, and at the bottom, he thinks there should be "jungle vines." In fact, everything Alex says in this episode seems like it should be in quotation marks. He's going to put the "tricked-out" car on the "wall" for the "urban" "demographic." Because he's kind of "tooly" and still a "Federalist." We watch as Lady Pink and the team work on adding the vines to the bottom of the wall. Just then, Stephanie and Bren arrive, fresh from the Sony meeting. Stephanie interviews that one of the big lessons of the meeting was that Sony wanted things to be more hip and urban (whatever you choose to think those words mean) in order to broaden the game's audience. A dubious Bren asks what the plants are for, and Erin says it's "the urban jungle." And it's also "to fill up the space," because it's a really, really big wall, and it's not "hip" or "urban" to leave most of your workspace blank. Stephanie uses the words "hip" and "urban" yet again in saying she's not sure what the jungle has to do with the game. A conversation, believe it or not, ensues on the topic of whether a jungle is "hip-hop." Boy, is this going in a creepy direction. And then Alex gives the first of several really embarrassing interviews of the week, in which he says, "What do I know about g-wheels and 'come on, how you doin''? I mean." And...he has nothing more to add at this time. Magna bickers as they try to get the main part of their mural underway, not really sure how to translate "hip-hop" into paint. Stephanie the "supply chain consultant" (sorry, I always think that caption is funny, every time I see it, because first there were cavemen, and then there was the division of labor, and now there are people whose entire job is "supply chain consultant") interviews that Alex is responsible for making a decision about the direction for the ad, and he hasn't done it yet. "Alex is running out of time," she says, already fully satisfied for the week, because she has accomplished her goal, which is to figure out who can be fired instead of her, should it come to that. Hey, everyone has to define success in his or her own unique way.

The Trump motto of the week is "Shut Up And Listen." Trump is conducting a meeting at this very moment, in fact, in which he allows someone else to answer a question he asks about wire. See? See how he listens? He explains to us that in business, in order to be successful, you have to listen. You can ignore everything that anyone else says, but you have to pretend to be interested. And I'm kind of hearing but ignoring it as he's saying it, so I guess I already knew this, which makes me feel like the universe is reaching out to me.

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