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Wall of confusion

Over at Magna, Alex is lamenting how tough "urban graffiti" is. He should try bucolic graffiti. Now that shit is complicated, with the farm equipment and whatnot. Alex gives up the fact that they actually still lack a concept and are doing "background," but he thinks that they tend to overthink everything anyway, so it's just as well that they're...painting improvisationally? I don't know. Alex goes on to talk in an interview about being in Harlem with all these white people, including Erin, who looks like a "Barbie doll-slash-Hooters waitress," Bren, who is a lawyer and also currently smoking (which I thought was a no-no), Stephanie, whose family apparently has a Gulfstream jet (?), and Kendra, about whom Alex says something incoherent about Monologues for Dummies something something. Am I stupid? Because, like, half of those insults made no sense. Erin looks like a lot of weird things, including a reformed Goth accountant, but not really a Barbie doll. And I don't know what the Kendra thing was at all. Let's just move on; my head hurts. Maybe it's paint fumes. Alex explains that because the demographic is "guys," he went out looking for the neighborhood "guys." And when he finds the neighborhood "guys," he asks them to "come over" and "take a look" at the "ad." They agree. (Sorry. Fell into it again.)

Over at the wall, one guy says he'd like to see money falling from the sky. And then this totally dopey (not dope, dopey) Alex interview shows up in which he claims that he would never use foreign lingo such as "mad props." I'm sorry, "mad props"? I think Dick Clark uses "mad props." I think Dick Cheney uses "mad props." What kind of V-neck-sweater planet is Alex living on? Oh, and the other phrase that is so foreign to Alex? "Bling-bling." Jesus. Alex seriously needs, like...I mean, he doesn't even need friends who are more culturally diverse. It would be adequate to have a few friends who are posers. ["Or access to either MTV or Us Weekly for even five minutes." -- Sars] Alex reports to the rest of Magna that the guys really liked the idea of portraying money, and Bren suggests a fist with a gaudy ring that says "PS2," which Alex calls "tight." See how he's working that hip, urban lingo? Tight! You know what else is tight? Isolationism. Alex then interviews, filled with sudden confidence, that there is no way his team will lose, because they have captured the essence of the game and put it "in a medium that appeals to people from Harlem." It's amazing what "guys" will do for you.

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