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Lesson Two: Leave It On The Playground

Trump asks Josh who should be fired, and of course Josh is like, "Duh, Markus!" Markus shakes his head like he's saying, "That's an incorrect answer." Trump calls on Josh even though he doesn't need to -- and I had a professor do this to me in college, force me to say terrible, terrible things out loud about a classmate who happened to be a douchebag, and it took ten minutes, and like Trump here, he was really just using me to get to the actual Markus in this situation, but I can't tell you I felt all that bad about it. I mean, I didn't relish it, and I don't think Josh does either, now that Trump's forcing him to call Markus a total jerk-off in front of everybody. Trump: "You think he's a total disaster." Josh is all, "…A complete disaster, yes." He calls Markus a distraction and says he put them off their collective game. Real bullies are social outcasts. This is just social Darwinism, and it's an imperfect system, but it generally works. Trump: "Hey, Markus? Why do all these people dislike you?" Markus, oblivious, starts in: "I don't think it's dislike…I think there's a clique here…" But it's a clique consisting of every single person, Markus! Trump suggests there's a lack of respect at issue, hoping to shame him further, but Markus blows everybody's mind just a little bit more: "Respect? Why? I've been a great performer." Markus offers that it was Chris who did the bad job with this task, and Josh face-palms. Chris tries to give a good example of Markus's utter uselessness, but Trump just cuts him off. "You know what? It doesn't matter, because you're obviously bringing Markus back with you." He directly tells Chris that this would not be "a wise thing to do," because after all, Markus didn't like the campaign. Trump hates Markus from a loyalty standpoint, but ultimately, the team did lose the task, and Markus obviously did not share this losing vision. James finally drops the weird grin and looks confused and sick at this abrupt turnaround from what his Senior Brothers of the Excel Frat brainwashed him into thinking was going to happen. Markus throws out these huge drama hands like, "I know, right?"

Chris complains that Markus "absolutely destroys team cohesiveness [sic]," and Carolyn jumps at this one too. "But that's not the reason for this loss. The reason for this loss is a lack of creativity, so why don't you tell us who was responsible for the creative portion of this task?" Markus looks smugly over at Chris like her "us" her totally includes him. Markus and his best friends Carolyn and Trump would like an answer, please. Chris lays it out nicely: he was responsible for the video element, and he placed Mark in charge of the photo element. I like that he -- I mean, he's already about to go too far, and that's sad, but I like this -- even here, he's being a good little PM and noting his ultimate responsibility for everything. Trump: "So you're bringing back Mark." No, sir. Of course not. George and Josh, in separate cuts, both see where this is headed. Clay tells Trump that Markus should be fired, and Markus looks shocked. His overbaked reactions to everything are really insulting to watch. He just doesn't know what to do with his face, or his hands, or his body, or his boundless saboteur energy. None of it. The whole thing is this physical plea to be part of the in crowd, which in the boardroom is Trump and the Viceroys, just this hugely overdone dramatic thing where he's just scandalized by the low level of people he's being forced to work with and it's so, so stupid.

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