There's No "I" In Team

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Lesson Two: Leave It On The Playground

The moral of the story, if such a thing there be, is this: the Markuses of the world may or may not be lost causes, but if you let it control you, you're just reinforcing his persecution complex. Get out of the line of fire, keep your priorities straight, and don't let the truly terminally irritating under your skin. And by extension, you can avoid the toxic perimeter of the actual assholes of the world the exact same way. Be flexible! And if you're a Markus, or suspect you might be, please spend the next twenty-four hours acting as boring and normal and GAP as possible, and see if people don't suddenly stop being jerks. Be flexible! Just follow our simple plan and before you know it, and this is a guarantee, you'll find: you're hired. And suddenly cute, fun, and popular!

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