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Lesson Two: Leave It On The Playground

The teams break, and Markus yaks at Josh about how he sells cars and has a car dealership. Josh actually listens instead of turning bodily away from him like you should always do, and alerts Chris to this fact. See Josh try. Mark -- the creepy-looking hayseed guy who thinks Carolyn would settle down and submit to his authority if Trump weren't around -- interviews that, clearly, "the edge is to the men" because "we all understand the concept, understand the product" and they all, as persons with male genitalia, have dreamed about having a Lamborghini since they were ten years old. Basically, they've already obviously [REDACTED! SHOCKING SPOILER ALERT!] due to a sudden attack of mob prickishness.

In the van, Chris asks if anybody has a "passion" about being PM on this task. He tells us his passion arises from the fact that in real life he's in advertising. You'd never know. I mean, actually you totally would, because he has advertising faults -- concentration on hype and group circle-jerking and explaining the campaign instead of letting it speak for itself. But you'd never know based on the next hour of your life. Everybody doesn't care so now he's the PM. He and James have some kind of weird unspoken brotherly thing where they pass an empty water bottle back and forth while he's talking. Who's James? I still have no idea.

The first objective, he tells us, is to meet with the two judges. Heading into the meeting, at the Kaplan Thaler Group, he interviews us that he told them he didn't want to go in with any preconceived ideas about the campaign at all -- they need to find out what Lamborghini wants before they bum-rush them with all kinds of crazy (or utterly lame) ideas. No slogans, no campaigns, nothing. (He's clearly paraphrasing with some hindsight here, because I doubt he was that clear-cut about it, at the time, or at least left enough to the imagination that someone without the sense of an antelope could intentionally fuck it up as badly as Markus is about to.) So, but he's also got the advertising virtues in this regard, letting the client inform Excel's creative process instead of being pushy, and he's really good with the interpersonal and leadership stuff when it comes to actually navigating in that arena. He's damned charming, especially when he's telling you to shut your ass up.

Markus, of course, immediately approaches him with this whispering, toadlike "I already have what I think is a winning slogan." Chris is just a little showy with his condescension here, but God. It's fucking earned. "Before we meet with them you have a winning slogan? Really?" Markus and sarcasm have met, but not formally. "Yes."

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