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Lesson Five: Speak Up. Or: Don't, Depending

There's no Viceroy discussion at all this week, which makes me wonder why the fuck we had to struggle through having Sean around period, and is also stupid, and then back into the boardroom. This is going to be quick, because of a list of people in the room that I will now give you:

People Currently In The Boardroom:
Donald Trump

That's who's having a conversation in there. Do you really wanna be there for that? The five most boring, pointless people in television history, and the only thing to look at is Aaron, and just when you're getting into a groove with that...BOOM! SEAN!

Surya helps Nicole pull out the chair she already pulled out, and they discuss that Nicole is there for no reason, and Trump tells her about how Tim is smitten with her and how she better be careful and not break him or whatever, he's talking out his toupee again, and then Aaron didn't sell and was a poor leader, and Trump makes that same joke about "other than that he was excellent, right?" which they never EVER get the first time he says it. So that's awkward, and it keeps going.

Surya: "Aimee! Tell him I never do anything wrong."
Aimee: "He doesn't."
Trump: "Isn't it weird how Arrow sucks so much more than Kinetic?"
Surya: "I know, right?"
Nicole: "Surya!"
Aaron: "It's clear he hates us and we hate him back, mostly because he's patronizing and wrong about everything he thinks is important."
Aimee: "I have noticed that too."

Trump: "Surya, which team is better?"
Surya: "I refuse to answer that question."
Surya: "You are putting me in an impossible situation and you know it, you gross old bird."
Aaron: "See, he can't make a decision!"
Surya: [More of those horrible laughs; put-upon fake posturing scorn]
Aaron: "At least I do things, and have opinions, and create results."
Surya: "But do you delegate well?"
Aaron: "You mean like when I delegated marketing to you, Surya? And you later blacked that out entirely?"
Surya: "I guess I do, since I have no idea what you're talking about!"

Aaron: "And remember how you rode Stefani's coattails and salted her adorable game?"
Surya, verbatim: "Absurd! Absurd! That is absurd!"

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