To Bee Or Not To Bee

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Lesson Five: Speak Up. Or: Don't, Depending

Trump: "LOST!"
Aaron: "After winning twice, you old fuck!"
Jacob: "Touché!"
Surya: "Except how one of those wins was against a team that imploded, Mr. Trump!"
Jacob: "Fuckin' opposed to all those wins that were so much more valid by taking place with an opponent that's a robot? What on earth?"

Trump: "Unrelated to any of this, I decided to fire you last week, so I'm going to. The rest of this has just been to psych everybody out and put them in impossible mental Chinese handcuffs and watch them twist, because I am gross. Aaron, you're fired."
Surya: "Mr. Trump, can I blah blah blah blah blah..."
Trump: "Fuckin' no, kid. Leave now. I'm so going to fire you next week anyway. Or maybe Aimee, depending."
Jacob: "When is Stefani going to join Kinetic? That's gotta happen."
Trump: "Aaron was a nice guy but way too pretty for me personally. I'm a fucked-up old geezer."
Sean: "Aaron was a nice guy but relied on the rest of the team far too much."
Jacob: "Valid."

Outside, Surya yells at Nicole for a million years about nothing, and she completely ignores him, and in the limo Aaron points out that Aimee was acting like an asshole but doesn't connect the dots on how Trump spent the entire time pulling Jenga out of her position until she literally had no options at all, and did the same thing to Aaron, who is now going home, because Trump's idea of a good time is kind of like Saw sometimes, and there's no way out but death, and then back to Surya, still bitching, helping Nicole with her luggage that she didn't need help with, talking talking about how Aaron was totally lying, which he wasn't, and how Surya was in a state of willing readiness to help when called upon, which he was NOT, and Nicole isn't even listening, because God forbid she actually pay attention when he's handing her his eviction next week if she could hear it, but she's too dumb to listen, and they walk out of sight, and he's still bitching.

Next week: Tim and Nicole are disgusting; Aimee, presumably, gets fired.

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