To Bee Or Not To Bee

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Lesson Five: Speak Up. Or: Don't, Depending

Arrow at the factory, where they belong, are on an assembly line: Surya is Maintaining The Bottles' Vertical Alignment, Frank is the QA Manager on Labeling/Mucilage Stickiness And Integrity, and Tim is doing Honey Implementation and Product/Bottle Integration. I don't know what Stefani is doing and I'm damn sure Aaron's wandering around stupidly, and then Nicole is wearing a hairnet and looking like hell some more. Tim keeps fucking up somehow and the honey is going all over the place rather than in the bottles, and Frank's awkwardly giving him hell about it, and interviews that "There was definitely no honey-bottling class at Harvard," so I guess he's still insecure about that, and they yell at each other for a million years and the Sue Bee workers stare at them in wonderment, and Nicole laughs stupidly and desperately tries to involve herself in the scuffle, and they scream and jump around and push each other and Nicole interviews about how it was "so cute" and Aaron stares blankly as they show off for the cameras in a stupid and giddy -- but marginally appealing -- fashion. Nicole swears that this is probably the funniest thing she's ever seen, which whatever, and she says maybe that instead of being a gross mismanagement of time and lapse in maturity, really what it does is prove that Arrow Corporation "can have a good time no matter what the situation is" and that it "just shows that we're happy people in general." No, what it shows is that you're all emotional retards that are never going to be invited to my honey factory because you cannot be trusted. Surya stands around smiling and feeling left out and looking desperately needy, and the yelling goes on and on, and then Tim says something about how Frank is stupid and ugly, for real, and I think his feelings get hurt.

Commercial, in which Trump asks which of these five people should be fired or whatever, except four of them are on Arrow, which is blatantly stupid in terms of telegraphing Arrow's loss, which is how Aaron's firing is going to have to happen, so we already knew that anyway, but thanks for making it even more obvious, show.

Kinetic heads to Ralph's, and Muna immediately starts trying to figure out how to get the merchandise on the floor. Angela worries about the lack of posters or sales tables, and Heidi complains that there's no visible pricing, so nobody's going to know how much the honey costs, which, in a system like ours where you exchange money for goods or services, is always a nice touch. ["If you have to ask how much the honey costs, you can't afford it." -- Sars] Derek interviews that they have no direction and that Aimee is delegating nothing.

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