To Bee Or Not To Bee

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Lesson Five: Speak Up. Or: Don't, Depending

Cut to Aimee and Jenn wandering the store like they're on Robitussin. Aimee looks completely nuts, like a homeless grifter or the person sent out from the meth lab to bring back snacks.

Derek tells Muna they've gotta get their shit together.

Aimee and Jenn wander around pointlessly. Jenn breaks off and wanders away and Aimee murmurs, "...I'm gonna watch the cart..." It's like watching someone deal with GHB. In a supermarket, which always makes me feel like I'm on drugs anyway.

Muna shifts into hyper-Muna mode and yells about how "If the honey is still in a box downstairs how are you going to sell the honey?"

Aimee stares into space and plays with her hair, which is getting matted and crazier-looking by the second.

Outside, Heidi and Angela are hanging up a big poster that says TODAY IS HONEY DAY! Which is just adorable for some reason.

Aimee yawns and heads back the way she just came.

Derek and Muna load out the honey from the trucks in the back, while Muna screams about "What is the priority?!"

Aimee approaches the team finally stacking their honey in a big hutch or end cap, and says blearily, "...I gotta take care of...making some coffee?"

Derek and Kristine laugh hysterically once she's gone, and Kristine whispers the very salient and scary fact that if God forbid they win, Aimee stays PM. Derek chuckles and is like, "I didn't even think about that!"

Arrow heads to Ralph's with their honey; Stefani immediately starts doing her whole patter thing like on the bus tour, just completely charming people left and right. Elsewhere, James and Frank do their usual great selling, although Frank hugs a person, which I don't think I would enjoy having happen to me. Stefani interviews that they were moving the bottles three at a time, and all the customers were happy, and she was having a fun time and doing what she does best...until Surya salted her game! About halfway through the sales period, he wanders into her little area and starts interrupting and trying to take control. "Stefani, tell her about your experience with the honey!" and shit like that. Man, I've never hit hate this fast on this show. I mean, I thought he was boring and pointless, but he's really aggressively annoying this week. So she's like, "He was kind of messing with my flow," and we watch him mess with her flow for a good long while, and she's just standing there like, "Dude."

Since Tim added value last week with the bulk Pavo Guapo sales, he decides to try that again. Nicole offers to go with him, of course, and complains the entire way out of the store that her makeup isn't fresh and she wanted it to be fresh for the sales call. And I'm sorry, but the makeup is not the problem, and also stop fishing for compliments. Tim interviews that she is great and attractive and whatever, they work well together. How well? They take a box full of jars of honey to a bunch of gas stations. Counterintuitive doesn't even cover it. I have no idea what the hell Tim is thinking here.

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