To Lead Or Not To Lead

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Lesson Eleven: Be Bold, And Mighty Forces Will Come To Your Aid

In the Boardroom, Bill looks more handsome than I've ever seen, although he's still on the lookout for whatever's got him on the run. Trump starts with a jovial "I know you hate to lose, Alla." He asks why Felisha would possibly have been the PM on this task, and she responds, interestingly, that she "had something to prove to Carolyn." And, grudgingly, "You. And…Bill?" It's cute. Trump says he heard that Alla was difficult, and asks whether this was because Felisha's a bad leader, or because Alla is totally scary. He leaves out the correct answer, which is Option C, which is: total codependency. Felisha chooses Option C, basically, and tells it like a story: "From the start, we clashed on ideas…" Alla immediately jumps in: "From the start," she says, she's "worked well with every Project Manager…" Trump says that, even so, she was difficult for Felisha. Alla disagrees, saying instead that Felisha went in with "the wrong focus," which it turns out was "not being outshined by me." What a horrible thing to say. ["Probably because it's true. She wanted to be in charge, but also to have that be Alla's decision. Not a workable plan." -- Sars]

Felisha complains that this isn't true, but Alla turns to lecture her about how she never cared about the finished product, but just about "outshining" Alla, that every time she'd give her control over a piece of the task, she'd immediately "put the brakes on," and finishes with the jaw-droppingly bizarre "If I did things too well, she would stop me." Carolyn gapes, and Trump's like, "I cannot believe that." Felisha starts screaming that these are strange, nasty lies, and Alla goes, "Why don't you tell them what you did?" I don't even know what the hell she's talking about. It's impressively nuts.

Felisha starts saying how whenever Bill was around, Alla would start in on her with this whole spiel about "I want this, I want that" and Felisha was just trying to be a team, and Alla interrupts again: "You said, Don't make me look bad." Felisha shakes her head like she was just smacked, and Bill says, fairly, "Alla, you were clearly taking charge." Like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, she does this whole routine about "I embrace my responsibilities and do the best job I can," and Carolyn asks flat-out whether she felt she was "the leader on this task." She responds in the negative, giving Carolyn her opening: "Honestly, neither did she, and that's why you lost: there was no leadership there." It's not exactly true, but it's wonderfully put.

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