To Lead Or Not To Lead

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Lesson Eleven: Be Bold, And Mighty Forces Will Come To Your Aid

At this point, after he's basically waded into this mess to protect Felisha from what's quickly becoming abuse, he just looks at the two of them and asks if Felisha's okay, if she needs Kleenex, and then looks over at Carolyn, who may or may not be a little mortified. Carolyn, of course, is like, "Yeah, thanks, but I think I'll survive." Trump, now desperate, tries the uncle angle: "Look at us! We're all crying! I'm crying! We're going to get through this!" And since I feel entitled to call him out for disgusting me at least once a recap, I feel like it's my duty that this actually made me want to give him a hug, because that was a nice thing he did, and I wonder how often he does this arbitration stuff and we never see it, because that would go a lot further in explaining his success than anything we've actually seen. And actually explain his three choices of Apprentice so far, come to think of it. And Randal too, of course.

Back to the actual episode. "Felisha, do you really believe you're tough enough to work in New York? By the way, Alla, I have no doubt would be fine." Felisha fucking smiles and says, "Yeah, she's tough." She says, though, that she absolutely has the stuff for the big city. Trump disabuses her of this notion right quick: "Felisha, you're not strong enough to be here. You're lovely, you're smart, you have so many things going for you. But you're not strong enough for this city. Felisha, you're fired." Alla licks her lips and pushes her chair back silently, and fully starts to tiptoe out of the room. I've never seen the like. It's like a cartoon. Trump's voice rings out: "Sit, Alla." Aw, yeah. This is the part where it stops being a movie you've seen a million times, and you actually get to be surprised for once.

"You're very hard to manage," he tells Alla. "Difficult to manage. And number two, you were the director of a disaster. You're fired." She makes a sad, slightly scary face, and Felisha looks freaked out. They stand and Felisha apologizes for letting him down, and he just sits there with that toad face, waiting for them to leave. Outside, it's only a little weird as they get on the elevator. Inside, Trump's pensive: "They both deserved to be fired, but it was sort of a little difficult." Yeah, I feel that. Bill's a little too Smithers on this line for my personal taste, getting very Bill-bottom-lines-it-for-you about "Felisha can't lead, Alla can't be led. Hands down." Dude, you already got the job. Jeez. Carolyn, still visibly shaken by the display they've just witnessed, breathes out in amazement: "They both just kept talking about each other's mistakes! It was hard to pick one!" Trump smiles. "Okay, now for something pleasant. I'm going to tell Randal and Rebecca they're the Final Two." He's so…gleeful about this. Even Bill and Carolyn think it's cute. I like Donald Trump eight times more than I ever have right now. It's a shocker, but it's true. He was good here. Very good and a nice guy, and his heart was in the right place. Surely this is due to Family.

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