To Lead Or Not To Lead

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Lesson Eleven: Be Bold, And Mighty Forces Will Come To Your Aid

Rather than constantly admitting weakness (Felisha) or making up entire lies out of whole cloth (Alla), try to change the subject to something where you actually look cool (Rebecca), or, failing that, actually be cool, and back it up (Randal). That's a big one. Family is important for some reason, I guess because there are supposedly times that money doesn't cut it, but God forbid you should find that out for yourself by getting loaded up with huge bags of cash that you could then debase and cry about and whine how money can't hug you like a little child or whatever crap propaganda rich people promulgate so we won't revolt and eat of their flesh. Um, it's possible to be competitive without losing that which is most precious: your humanity. If you go into battle without your heart or rightness on your side, you deserve what you get. Watching strong people do things they're good at is way better than watching weak people do stuff they're weak at, so if you want to be looked at -- and who doesn't -- try to be strong and do what you are good at. If you ever find yourself thinking, "What the fuck am I talking about? I sound like a total nutcase," chances are everybody else is thinking the same thing, and won't begrudge you taking a second to get it together. Oh, and working for Microsoft kills you from the inside.

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