To Lead Or Not To Lead

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Lesson Eleven: Be Bold, And Mighty Forces Will Come To Your Aid

Felisha: "Make sure this is collaborative, okay?"
Alla: "Uh, that won't be a problem. We're a team."
Bill: "This is sickening."
Felisha: "But check out how I'm letting you drive every aspect of this task."
Alla: "So, are you saying you don't want me to direct?"
Felisha: "No, I just want to have a role of some kind."
Alla: "What, all of a sudden?"
Bill: "Wow."

Alla interviews in her best Emily Gilmore tone that Felisha is basically giving her shit about pretending to be in charge, and like, if she doesn't totally ignore Felisha and do the opposite of everything Felisha says and fight her on every point, they are going to lose, and Felisha will go home. What is the point of having a sidekick if she's splitting hairs like this? She's really just doing it for Felisha's own good.

Alla: "I am not the Project Manager! Except I totally am, just like every week!"
Felisha: "I'm a better actor. If you try to tell me how to act, I will slit your throat. Being the better actor is all I have! And even that is a lie!"

Bill gets worried and tries to figure things out: Felisha is really confused here, he thinks nervously. She's the Project Manager, but she's not the Project Manager, but it's Alla we're talking about, so this is like, basically, a movie about a little kid sitting on Mommy's lap pretending to drive. Only they're both grown women. And for some reason Mommy wants the car to crash. "I am really confused right now," he thinks. "And terrified!"

Alla: "Okay, I'll be completely subordinate to you, as long as you remember that I own you and I'm totally in charge in every way."
Felisha: "Agreed, just as long as you remember that I'm in charge, except for how you are."
Alla: "I'm moderately annoyed that you're pretending to have an autonomous will, but mostly I'm bored. Let's go shoot this mother."
Felisha: "Speaking as a Project Manager, I don't want to step on any toes, but I'd like to offer the possibility that I am willing to sign off on that course of action."

Alla then totally gets all "by the way, Miss Project Manager" about things and reminds Felisha that the crew is still waiting for her command. She then informs Felisha A) what that command should be, B) that she is an asshole for not having given it already, C) how much time they've wasted now that Alla's had to explain basic shit to Felisha, and D) that she doesn't want to hit or be mean to Felisha, but Felisha's just so fuckin' dumb, and sometimes Alla can't help herself.

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