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Welcome back, suck-ups

Saxophone music carries us from dinner at the Trumpartment to Mosaic cooling its heels in S5. Raj finds all of this "humiliating." I secretly suspect he finds it especially humiliating losing to girls, which is why I'm extra-happy it happened. John complainterviews that the girls are getting to know Trump "on a more personal level" (as if Trump has a more personal level), which he thinks is really important. He would give up all the other rewards for time with Trump. I don't know, dude. It didn't do much for Nick. Raj serves the boys something disgusting for dinner. I don't even know what that is, but it doesn't look good.

And we cut directly from that to some shrimp cocktail at the Trumpartment. Mmm, shrimp cocktail. Jennifer C. starts openly eyeing Donald -- dude, his fiancée may not be a rocket scientist, but what she lacks in sharpness, she makes up for in proximity, because she is right there -- as she voices over that as they sat at this "fabulous table," she carefully watched Donald, doing exactly as he did. She gives Trump a bizarre, coquettish sex-eye as she voices over that she wanted to be "as professional as [she] could." Not going too well for her, I have to say, the being professional. And...nice halter in her interview. Do the women on this show even own entire shirts? Anyway, everyone goes on to enjoy a lovely entrée, and as the jazzy music swells and we slide away from the Trumpartment window, we hear Donald say, "So what's with the guy with the cane? What's that all about?" Hee. Indeed, Trump. Indeed.

Quasi-Latin music brings us back to New York after the break, and Mosaic -- or, the men of Mosaic, more precisely -- are enjoying a game of "Trump" on the basketball courts. Get it? Instead of "Horse"? It's not that fascinating. But anyway, as Kelly goes for a stuff, he manages to put his knee through the wall of the fake S5, leaving a big hole in what appears to be the white foam board it's made of. "Anybody have some duct tape?" a voice wonders. Pamela interviews that there was this group of guys, and she came in to lead them, and they failed. She knows that the rest of them are bonding, and although she's trying to be friendly with them, it's not working so well. "I'm with the enemy team most of the time," she remarks. Pamela has a conversation with Ivana about going to the Boardroom, while Andy looks on with disgust, calling Kevin over to peek with him. As they walk off, Andy says, "I want to hit her with a shovel in the back of the head." You know what? That is not cool. You're like 22 years old, you arrogant little shit, and your brilliant idea just sank like a rock, which is a fact that nobody is going to eat but you, so why don't you pull it together, get over the fact that she's taller than you are, and suck it the hell up?

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