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Trump turns to Raj and asks him if the men shouldn't have had the advantage in designing a toy for boys. Raj goes into a big thing about how he was too good for toys as a child. "I was enjoying my imagination," he says. And God knows, you can't have toys and use your imagination. It's not like I used to make up complex tales to go with my Fisher Price castle (with trapdoor and moat), my Puzzletown (with railroad), or my giant creepy doll. Except that I did. Trump asks Raj if his parents didn't buy him toys, and Raj dismissively says, "I had a -- a truck, I think," but he's totally disgusted by having to answer. He's intensely weird, and I don't like him a bit. George picks up on this and asks about the truck, and then brings up the fact that he doesn't understand how eight guys on a team couldn't figure out that a toy for boys should be something that moves. Kevin says that they were "inefficient," due to the lack of a plan. Trump asks Wes who he thinks did the worst job, and he offers up Rob. "Only because I do not think that he was utilized nearly enough and did not assert himself to be utilized as much as he could have been." "Utilize" is one of my least favorite words, because it's almost always a pretentious affectation, because "use" will always work, and it's much shorter. Wes goes on to claim that Rob is "a talented individual," but then Rob cuts him off. Rob says that it's true that he was "not utilized." Carolyn says, "Is that your fault?" and Rob turns around with an entirely uncalled-for and disrespectful snort of "Excuse me?" which clearly knocks Carolyn back with its rudeness. Trump changes the subject so that Carolyn won't beat Rob senseless, asking if it isn't Rob's job to "put forward," meaning not sit around on his behind waiting to be utilized. "As a team player, no," Rob puzzlingly says. Trump could not be feeding this guy more chances to own up to not stepping up and promise not to repeat the mistake, and he's ignoring the opportunity every time it goes by.

Trump asks Rob who he thinks performed poorly. Rob turns on Pamela, claiming that she did a bad job. He says that while she's "impressive in the Boardroom" and she's got "charisma," she failed to delegate to him enough. Oh, barf. No one looks convinced by this argument. Trump turns to Chris and asks whom he would pick as "not up to par." Chris, too, will be picking on Rob on this, Pick-On-Rob Day. Chris says that again, this is only because "he wasn't delegated enough responsibility." And once again, Trump asks if that's Rob's own fault. Chris doesn't think so. Pamela looks surprised.

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