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Welcome back, suck-ups

Alone with George and Carolyn, Trump asks them for thoughts. Carolyn calls Pamela "a strong leader," but says "she might have had some...flaws." Carolyn gives her credit, though, for competently managing eight people she didn't know, and doing it voluntarily. George says that he's troubled by Rob's being underused and then not coming forward and sticking up for himself. Not needing much advice this week, apparently, Trump brings back the three from the lobby.

When they're all seated, Trump gives Rob and Andy shit about not pulling out Pamela's chair. Oh, shut up, Trump. If I were in Pamela's position, having my chair pulled out would have infuriated me. It's a competitive environment, not a date. Pulling out a chair would be a totally dominating move, and it's a good thing they didn't do it, because she would have stepped on them, and rightly so. She mutters, indeed, that there's "no need." "Pamela," Trump asks, "why are you better than Andy?" She says that she has twelve years of work experience, and she just has more experience in business than Andy. She's already, apparently, built two companies and been an investment banker. She praises her own "business gut" and says that Andy "will get there; he's just not there yet."

Now, Trump asks Pamela why she's better than Rob. She says Rob is a great salesman and "people person" (even though it seems like nobody likes him), but she thinks that in terms of "sheer horsepower" and "depth of skill set," he still needs work. Rob looks surprised. Rob protests that everyone knows that in the right task and in the right capacity, he's valuable. He argues yet again that he was "underutilized," and I can't understand why he keeps returning to that when it's clearly pissing off the boss. "A lot of people are underutilized because they don't choose to be utilized," Donald says simply. Getting it yet, Rob?

Trump asks Andy for his thoughts. He says he think Rob is "very intelligent" and "Pam" (sure hope she invited the nickname, because once you've fantasized about hitting her with a shovel, dick, you don't apply your own diminutives) is "impressive." Trump asks "who's the least of the two." Andy refuses to answer the question -- a very bad blunder in any debate -- and moves on to praising himself for being the idea guy know, the failed idea. This all sounds canned, like it's his pre-prepared defense of himself, and it doesn't remotely fit what he was asked. He argues that the only reason he's in the room is his "youth." Rob gets in a little dig that coming up with the name "Crustacean Nation" isn't exactly anything to get all excited about. And, no kidding. Trump asks Rob if he liked the name. Missing the opening, Rob says that yeah, he liked it, "But it didn't matter. We lost."

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