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Welcome back, suck-ups

Trump says, "It's that time." He tells Pamela that he finds her to have a "very hard edge," and he's not sure that's going to change. He tells Rob that it was notable how everyone seemed to agree that he just didn't make much of a contribution. He calls Rob out for being all, "I wasn't asked," saying, "You don't have to be asked. To do a job, you really don't have to be asked." Amen, brother. Trump moves on to Andy, telling him that he does see him as sort of "a project." He says that he's not confident that Andy has enough experience to do this. However, he's willing to consider it and keep him in the game a little longer. Thus, "Rob, you're fired." Rob gulps and nods. They all get up and leave, which is nice, and more dignified than some people are. In the lobby, Andy and Pamela get on the up elevator, while Rob gets on the down. Because he's going to hell. In the Boardroom, Trump comments that that wasn't a "cinch," it was a tough booting. George opines that it will be difficult all the way along, because it's an impressive group. Carolyn's like, "Mm-hmm," and you can tell that she can think of about eight people who she would happily ship off tomorrow without forwarding addresses.

Rob leaves. Pamela and Andy return to S5.

In Rob's taxi-view, he says he accepts the decision, and says that everyone else is very strong, and very cocky. He thinks everyone should think every Boardroom could be their last. Uh, as it was for him.

Next week: Stacie is "losing it." No one likes her. The task is to create a new ice cream and sell it. The men try to sell ice cream with kisses. And Trump rips into someone in the Boardroom. Or so it appears. Hey, we can hope.

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