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Kwame interviews that if they knew who lost the money, that person would deserve to be fired. But, of course, they don't. There is more miserable talk back in S4 about the loss, and Kristi defeatedly leans back and says, "I'm gonna cry."

Later, all the contestants head into the Boardroom to hear the results. Carolyn reports on VersaCorp first. She says that they had a plan to make the shirts and sell them, and she faults them only for choosing only to sell small and medium sizes. I'm pretty much exhausted from being angry at Simon Cowell for telling every woman over a size 0 that she's too fat, so I barely have the energy for this, but...yes, that was dumb. The average woman in the United States is about a 12/14. It doesn't make a lot of sense to lop off half the market that way, as distasteful as you may find the presence of average-sized women at your flea-market booth. [Eye roll.] Anyway, in the end, VersaCorp made a profit of more than $600. Nick tries not to look smug and doesn't have very much success, as Donald tells him that's "pretty good."

NotGeorge reports on his team. He says that they did separate things in separate places, and that it did not go well. They lost a little over $75. Oooops. At least if they hadn't lost the $180, they would have been in the black. Slightly. Donald turns to Kristi and says he's surprised at her. She says she's surprised, too. Nick is grinning from ear to ear, and Trump tells him that he's finally on a winning team, and that as a reward, they're going to go to Yankee Stadium and meet George Steinbrenner. Wait, that's for the people who did better? They are told that this is their chance to "meet a truly great winner." And all-around nice guy, too. The losers are reminded that they will be joining Trump in the Boardroom. Troy and Kwame are like, "Yeah, so what else is new?" Nick is incredibly happy. Like, deliriously so.

VersaCorp strolls back into S4, riding one big wave of happy. Behind them are the unhappy Protégé 6. Kristi interviews that the meeting "really affected [her]," even though she tried to be brave. "I don't do well with leading a team towards a loss," she says. We then move to a conversation in which Kristi is sort of hiding on the balcony, and apparently the rest of the Protégé squad has come to comfort her. She weepily apologizes for losing her composure (always ironic), and says that her purpose in coming out on the balcony was to get away and compose herself. She voices over that she takes all of the blame as the project manager. Kristi whimpers as she explains to the team that if she has a manager at her restaurant and the numbers aren't working, she blames the manager. Perhaps part of what Kristi is learning is that that may not be entirely fair, and that maybe that's why the employees whisper when she walks by. Well, it's one of the reasons. Troy assures her that everyone has up times and down times. She says she really believes that the leader is responsible, though, so she can't really be consoled.

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