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We now watch Jessie and Kristi take a stroll in the park. Jessie tells Kristi, "I want you to know that I'm not going to be saying the things that I say just for your benefit...I'm saying them for me, because I want you to stay on the team." So yes, that's an explicit commitment from Jessie that she's going to say positive things to help Kristi. "I'm not going to work on a team without you," Jessie chirps. Kristi interviews that she had wanted to talk to Jessie about how to handle the Boardroom. Why she didn't go talk to one of the guys, I'm not sure -- I mean, what does Jessie know? She's never been there, either. Kristi describes Jessie as "really good at thinking about the big picture." Surely, that would make her unique among the women, I'll say that. Jessie recommends to Kristi, as they sit down for a girl-to-girl chat, that she just say, "This is what I did wrong? And I am fully accountable as project manager? And that's why I'm here? To learn? And to grow? But this is what I found individually through my team -- mistakes made by these individuals." Jessie has the most annoying voice ever, because she sounds like a six-year-old who has mistakenly been allowed into a sorority. Maybe even more annoying than Heidi, voice-wise. Jessie warns Kristi that the people she blames might defend themselves and attack her, and Jessie thinks Kristi should just not say anything in response.

Jessie interviews that she's worried Kristi might "break down under the pressure" of the meeting later. After all, Heidi and Assorama are, as Jessie puts it, "defensive." As Jessie and Kristi continue their conversation and Jessie talks about how she's trying to learn this lesson about staying quiet, Jessie becomes distracted by a pigeon eating a piece of food. "That bird is funny," she finally says. I have no idea why, but that was hilarious. She confirms that it is a pigeon. I would have told her it was an eagle, just for kicks. Kristi says she's been trying to learn from Jessie about sitting back and speaking less. Kristi interviews that, "right now," she's choosing to trust Jessie. If they get to an individual game, she might rethink. But right now, Kristi's "gut" is leading her to trust her friend. "So basically say as little as possible," Kristi double-checks. "As little as possible," Jessie confirms.

The Boardroom. That night. The apprentices enter, and then Trump. Trump asks Kristi about the fact that she was "badly beaten," asking her, "You're not used to being beaten, are you?" "No, I'm not," says Kristi. He asks her whether she's surprised, and she says she's surprised that she screwed up "certain aspects" of the task. Donald says that he, too, was surprised, because she was doing really well up until this point. She says that she tried to lead by "group consensus," and Carolyn breaks in to comment on what a crappy idea that is, and Kristi agrees, in hindsight. Trump asks Assorama what could have been done to make it better. Assorama cites "planning." Heidi offers "better product." NotGeorge picks this moment to spill that they lost the $180. "They lost their own money," he says gravely. Trump asks whether they lost it, or whether somebody stole it. Kristi looks miserable, and weakly says, "We don't know what happened to it." Trump asks how it's possible that they lost money: "I don't get it." Kwame is asked "who did a lousy job." He changes the question slightly and says that if he were in Kristi's place, he'd choose Assorama, because she was managing the finances. Assorama says that she can account for the money up until the time when she handed it to Kristi. Assorama wears a condescending little smirk as she says, "Kristi is not very good with handling money." Assorama tells the story of Kristi's having money in her back pocket and asking Assorama to watch and make sure she didn't drop any. "The money somewhere disappeared between the hand and the ass," Donald clarifies, and it's a great line with which they all seem to agree, even though I certainly don't think that's quite what happened. Assorama totally lies to Trump that she "saw a need" and "stepped up" to be finance manager: it looks to be a complete lie, because we saw her being recruited by the rest of the team at the end of the day, so whatever. Assorama insists that she can account for every penny up until she turned the money over to the project manager.

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