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Now it's time for Kristi to choose who's going with her to the final table. Obviously, she is taking Assorama. She very hesitantly (or, she claims, very hesitantly) chooses Heidi as the second one to go. "I did nothing wrong," Heidi whines. "I'm a good leader, I'm a good businesswoman, and I sure as hell can sell." Jessie, Kwame, and Troy get to go upstairs, while Heidi, Assorama, and Kristi have to wait in the lobby.

After the commercial, we return to the Boardroom lobby, and then we listen in on Carolyn and NotGeorge conversing with Donald. Trump asks Carolyn why Kristi was so good before and so poor this time. Carolyn hypothesizes that Kristi may just not be management material -- "a good employee, but not a good employer." "She's a worker, not a leader," NotGeorge offers. Trump says that he still sees promise in Kristi. "And let's face it, [Assorama] was in charge of the money," he says. He brings the girls back in.

Trump tells Kristi that she did fantastically well until today, "but, sit." He moves on to Heidi. "I thought you were overly aggressive, but that's okay, I mean, I know a lot of people who are overly aggressive, and they do very well." In other words, "I don't like you at all, but I don't absolutely have to like you." He says to her also, "but, sit." Then he turns to Assorama. "You know what that means?" "Gotta go," she says. He asks her if she thinks he's making the right decision. "No, absolutely not," she says, and then Trump's like, "Ha ha, got you," because he says, "Well, I didn't make a decision." "Okay," she says, "okay." I'm not into these fake firings -- it turns into the end of To Tell The Truth where everybody acts like they're the real Corvelle Jean McGonnigle, inventor of the zucchini-operated riding lawnmower, and everybody acts like they're going to stand up.

And with that, Trump turns back to Kristi. He reiterates for about the fifth time that she was a star until tonight. But his big problem is that, in the Boardroom, she failed to stick up for herself. "Kristi, you didn't fight for yourself, and you're fired," he says. She nods sadly. She asks whether she can say anything now, but he tells her it's too late. They're dismissed. As Assorama and Heidi go upstairs, Donald says that he really dug Kristi, but that she didn't fight back, and that did her in. Out on the sidewalk, Kristi gets in the cab and drives away. Upstairs, Heidi and Assorama return to S4.

Kristi's exit interview is pitiful. She still feels bad about not getting it, and she doesn't know how to talk about it, so she just kind of peters out. Whatever.

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