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When we return from the break, this week's slogan card says, "Stand Up For Yourself." Donald interviews that you have to fight for yourself, you see, because "nobody else is going to fight for you." Unless you have recently fallen off a swingset and are represented by one of the many personal-injury law firms that advertises in my local area, because they assure me that they will fight for you. We swoop down on Protégé, as they visit the flea market to see what's actually selling before they choose a product. Heidi yammers about how there's nothing eye-catching, not like at the grocery store where there's something to catch your eye. I understand what she's saying (as much as I ever do), but she seems to be missing the point, which is that they're there to figure out what people are actually buying. It doesn't really matter whether Heidi thinks the sales tactics are a good idea, because she's not there to give the vendors a critique. She's just there to see what's successfully selling, whether it should be or not. Anyway, she complains some more, and then she interviews that it's important to have a good product, and that you have to have "good clientele." It seems to me that you rather take the clientele as you find it at a flea market, so I'm not sure what that has to do with this particular task, unless she intends to send invitations to rich people telling them to come and shop the flea market. On the up side, the black shirt Heidi's wearing in this interview is one of her more flattering and more age-appropriate choices. She complains that the clientele was "not there" at the location, but I don't know what she expects them to do about it, because they're basically stuck with a flea-market location, so how does she propose to change the clientele? She complains to the team, "This place sucks." So productive, that Heidi.

Kwame interviews, shocking no one, that "Heidi was really negative." He draws a distinction between speaking your mind and "exud[ing] negativity" to the point where you're bringing everybody else's energy down. Heidi is doing the latter. As the team negotiates, Troy says he thinks they need to find a bigger, more expensive item to sell, and that they should rely on making a larger profit on fewer items, rather than selling little somethings that are going to make only a dollar of profit per sale. That seems to me like it's kind of antithetical to the whole idea of flea markets, but then, I am not a businessperson, so I could be wrong. I mean, if you were willing to pay a huge markup, why would you be at a flea market? For the atmospheric pavement and flattering sunburn? Kristi laments that, during their visit to the flea market, they didn't see anything that looked like a good product to sell.

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