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Desperate for a product, Protégé splits up. Kristi, Kwame, and Assorama go to Chinatown to look for merchandise, while Heidi, Troy, and Jessie head back to the suite something else, I guess.

VersaCorp, meanwhile, has sent Nick and Katrina out, where they are hunting for a garment rack. Nick spots one in a dumpster, so they set about getting it out. He tells Katrina as she prepares for this ordeal that they have to win, or he'll be fired. "And don't you want dear old Nick around?" he asks. She laughs. "Yeees, Nick, I want you around," she says. Damn, she is very annoying. Katrina announces that this is her first dumpster dive, as Nick helps her up onto the edge to peek in. She spots a car window. Not relevant, but slightly amusing to her, I suppose. This may be the first time she's realized that cars are made from parts of cars. Nick voices over that this "is called using resources; it's called being resourceful." He pauses in his interview to rub his hand over his own hair, and then non-modestly says, "and it was absolutely brilliant." I kind of want to find him funny, but there's something about Nick that just strikes me as ever-so-slightly sketchy, such that I can't quite find him as cute as he thinks he is. I fear that he would hug me and steal my wallet. "Mr. Trump would be proud," Katrina says in an irritating, overenunciated, announcer-girl voice. She says that she wants to go off and find more good stuff. Rooting through the trash kind of gets her hot, I think. "Nick, you look pretty sexy pushing this rack," she blathers. He laughs dismissively, and then says, "Thank you for saying that, though." That was some of the most inept flirting I have ever seen. I mean, I think it would work, but it would not get style points.

Nick interviews that they came up with a plan to buy plain shirts, decorate them, and sell them at a premium. Nick thinks they're simple, they're low-cost, and "it's a phenomenal idea." It's certainly not a bad idea, I'll give them that. Amy (I think) shows Nick a pink sleeveless shirt with a black ribbon that would ride right under the boobs, I think, and is tied in a bow in the middle. It's a little cutesy, but I've seen worse. ["Ribbons are big this year. I see where they were going with it." -- Wing Chun] Nick congratulates himself on the quality of his team, as we see Amy throw back her head and laugh. Among other things, these people are definitely having a lot more fun than their counterparts on the Team Of Absolutely No Fun At All, Ever. "They're all steals in my mind," Nick says. He does seem to have gotten everyone good, as could not be missed during the team-picking. Boyfriend Bill holds up a red shirt decorated with a red-and-white ribbon as Ereka strokes and admires it, and...actually, that is cute. That's not a bad little shirt, for a flea-market homemade dealie. I mean, it's all relative, and it's sort of to wardrobe what Trading Spaces is to decorating, but still, it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Bill asks Nick to try it on, and they all laugh hysterically. Ah, the timeless amusement of men wearing women's clothing. Not since rubber chickens has a gag been quite so fresh.

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