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When we return from commercials, the rain continues. A little kid plays in a giant puddle -- awww. Heidi and Kristi -- in a different location from where Jessie and Kwame were earlier -- are having no fun. "This is about as exciting as watching paint dry," Heidi says constructively. Heidi picks her teeth. Kristi asks Heidi what she's thinking, since she's making such a bitchface. ["'Making'?" -- Wing Chun] Heidi wonders whether they should move outside, and then twists her hair as she voices over that she didn't like being inside. She felt disappointed. And concerned. And she is wearing blue frosted eye shadow again, and that makes me feel disappointed and concerned. She complains in an interview that Kristi wasn't "motivating." I agree that Kristi is coming off kind of defeatist here, but honestly, Heidi is also sitting on her ass making faces, so if she's this unhappy, why didn't she just get up and do something else? It's not that Kristi performed well, but Heidi seems to be performing equally badly by compounding Kristi's bad mood with her overwhelming and unending negativity. Commenting on Kristi's attitude, Heidi says, "You can't do that as a leader, you cannot." When, precisely, has Heidi shown any leadership qualities? Even people who aren't project manager can show leadership: Boyfriend Bill, Troy, Kristi, Amy -- all these people have, at some point, done something active to help the team. Heidi? Complains a lot. A LOT. But does nothing to improve the situation.

Assorama comes along and talks to Kristi, and Kristi asks Assorama to go look outside and see how things are; if it looks good, they can go outside. Once they get out there, Heidi sees a small number of people (seriously, it is not a crowd) walking, and declares that it's much better outside. She interviews that it's "more energetic" outside, but she's not the project manager, so she can't decide. She could, of course, say something productive instead of whining, but what fun would that be? Heidi bitches some more and swears some more and complains some more. What a lovely person, really.

We return to VersaCorp, where tinkly piano music reminds us that things aren't going all that brilliantly for them in their outside booth in the rain. Katrina and Nick have wandered off together again, and he's asking her whether she thinks they're doing okay. She says she thinks they're fine, and should stay where they are. He says he thinks the traffic will indeed pick up, even though it's not great right now. Nick says that the reason he was looking for input from the women was that "they won." And I did admire him for saying that. He basically says that obviously they know something about sales and doing well, and that he wanted to tap into whatever it is that they've figured out. We see Ereka selling something, and note that she's wearing one of the shirts, which is a really good idea. It looks moderately cute on her, too, and it provides some reassurance that the shirts don't look like total ass. Nick interviews with a smile that they might lose, but hey, he's used to the Boardroom anyway. Katrina and Nick decide to stay where they are and not panic over the low traffic. Katrina -- Miss "I'm A Good Person" -- unsurprisingly interviews that she likes Nick's leadership style because "he compliments everybody." Sigh. She would.

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