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Elsewhere, Protégé notes that the sun is coming out. They've moved outside, and Troy throws an arm around Heidi to buck her up. Troy says he's giving 110%, and that he's trying to "uplift everybody" on the team as much as he can. He says that their momentum is shifting, and that they'll be coming on strong in the second half. NotGeorge looks on as they continue selling. Heidi is wearing one of those dumb hats, so apparently, they bought some of those, too. We see Heidi yelling at someone in a come-hither fashion (they imply it's NotGeorge, but I can't believe it), "Hey, you! Ten dollars! Ten dollars!" I just can't even make that joke, as obvious as it is.

VersaCorp, meanwhile, puts everything on sale to try to get rid of their merchandise late in the day. Carolyn is pawing over the merchandise, and I think she's looking at the size tags, based on later comments. Boyfriend Bill interviews that they're trying to get rid of everything they possibly can. "We'll even sell the tablecloth if people want to buy it," he says. I missed it the first time I saw this, but they actually did sell the tablecloth to the last lady they ran into -- they sold her their last stuff plus the tablecloth for three bucks. There is celebrating as they close the booth. Amy talks happily about the "totally different dynamic working with guys." She says she had a great time, win or lose. I will say this: I would have had more fun with this team than with the other team (obviously), but also with all the women or all the men. Relatively speaking, these are probably the people you would choose to hang out with. The flea market is packed up for the day.

The teams return to S4 to count up their money and track their expenses. At the Protégé meeting, Jessie suggests making Assorama the one who writes up the receipts and stuff. She interviews that she's "very proud of how [she] handle[s] money," so she becomes the accounting person. Assorama looks at all the numbers and eventually says that they "should have more cash." She says that there's about two hundred bucks missing, actually. Kristi instructs everybody to check their bags. Heidi at one point seems to think Kwame is looking at her in some suspicious way, which...whatever. She's crazy. Kristi interviews that when the team learned that there was missing money, she felt horrible. She tells the team that what money she had was in her back pocket, and then she put it all into a bag. Assorama thinks somebody just has the money somewhere, stuck it somewhere, and forgot about it. Kristi says in an interview that Assorama was "setting her up" and trying to put the blame on Kristi. That seems kind of unlikely -- I'm not sure I believe Assorama took or hid the money on purpose, although I think she generally is incredibly reluctant to take responsibility for anything, so while I don't think it's a setup, I do think it's a...well, taking advantage of the situation as she found it. Assorama announces the money that's missing, and how much is it? $180.37. Remember that we saw the register in Chinatown ring up at $182.37? That is a large coincidence. It does seem at least possible that there's no missing money -- that there's a receipt for $182.37 that they forgot to account for, and then there's a genuine two-dollar screwup somewhere. How would Kristi lose $182.37 as a result of carrying it in her pocket? Your money isn't all going to come out like that just because you're carrying it in a pocket. ["Unless someone on the street overheard her telling Assorama to make sure the money in her back pocket didn't fall out, and then followed them all onto the subway and picked Kristi's pocket. Hey, we all saw Ocean's 11." -- Wing Chun] Besides, when Kristi answered the Communicator, she was very aware of there being money in there, and I just don't believe that even later, she would have let $182.37 -- and you'd hear the change fall out, I'd think, since that's at least four coins -- hit the ground without noticing. "The money fell out of Kristi's pocket" is just not a credible explanation to me. On the other hand, how do you forget a receipt that large? Wouldn't you be carrying in our mind a rough approximation of how much you spent on inventory, out of $1000 in seed money? Basically, there's no explanation that makes very much sense, so...I guess I am doomed to wonder.

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