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Michael decides to throw in a little personal shit when he says that Danny's wearing polyester suits and playing guitar doesn't make him a crazy genius. Which I agree with, and which I really wish had been said by someone I don't dislike so intensely. Trump calls this "pretty insulting," but it's hard to tell whether he's saying that unhappily or admiringly. Trump asks Stephanie about Danny as a leader, and she says that indeed, as far as making decisions, she thought Danny was pretty poor. But she also didn't like Michael. "You think they're two male losers!" he offers up, really missing all the boy-girl bullshit of past seasons. "Co-rrect," she says. Stephanie says that she just really was aghast at someone putting a $50,000 contract to a vote. Of course, she only says that because Trump said it first. "It was ridiculous! Take ownership!" she says. Danny argues that she was the one who was supposed to be in charge of the planner in the first place, and he kind of lost me there. Michael starts bitching again about the promotion, and the cost of the contract and so forth, and Trump's like, "Do you think you should be fired?" Michael, seeming somewhat caught off guard, says that he thinks he did a great job. Carolyn smiles at the absurdity. "A great job in what?" she asks. He says he gave them great ideas. Again.

Trump informs Michael that he "did a terrible job." He tells Stephanie that she's actually better than he was thinking previously. He says that her getting the planner seems to have been a good idea in general, and that the planner did well. He says that she's probably not going to be fired. He says to Michael and Danny that they should both be ashamed. Which I'm sure they aren't, because if you had the capacity for that, you'd do something besides go on this show. He repeats how much ass he thinks Michael sucked, but then says that Danny sucked a fair amount of ass also, and doesn't exactly have anything to be all crowing over. He calls him out for the indecisiveness and such, but then says that he "hated" the fact that Danny chose Michael, who was exempt, because that's just stupid. "Michael was terrible," he says, "but Michael is exempt." So Danny is fired.

The three fools head out into the lobby. Stephanie and Michael go up; Danny goes down. I'm surprised he's out that early, being such an attention-getting whack-job. With guitar and everything. Trump and the Viceroys talk about the fact that they like Danny, but he fucked that one up seriously. Danny heads out to his cab. Stephanie and Michael go back to the suite.

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