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In one of my personal highlights, Michael complains that he's not "happy with metea-ocracy," approximately. Man, some shit you could not make up.

Later, the teams -- Magna mostly in black, Net Worth in red -- return to what looks like it's the International House of Nestlecakes to receive the task results. Ominous music follows Trump into the room. He reminds them what the task was, and turns it over to the executives to evaluate the teams' performances. The woman exec tells Magna that they did very well delivering the premium brand message. On the other hand, they had no concept at all. Nothing "tied it all together and made sense thematically." The male exec congratulates Net Worth on incorporating both the hot and the cold options, and for having a "very creative idea." Based on their "creative idea," the winning team is Net Worth, as the guy explains. Danny looks crestfallen. Trump grants Angie her exemption for next week, and tells the team that their reward will be big -- a 12-seater helicopter ride, circling Manhattan with champagne and whatnot. Oh, and Magna is in for a firing. That team is dropping like flies. Stupid, self-important flies.

Helicopter reward. Have I mentioned I hate rewards? Net Worth climbs into the helicopter. They go, "Woo!" They drink. They chitchat uninterestingly. Chris congratulates the team on "keeping a smile on their face." Angie picks her nose, and then they toast. They all spot various Manhattan landmarks from the sky. Have we mentioned that Manhattan is very pretty? Because it totally is. The word "beautiful" is used. Chris rallies for some excitement again, congratulating the team in his interview for beating "a team that has a collegic education." Yep. "Collegic." And "it would appear that they should be more promising." But they're not. Down with Magna! Up with Net Worth! Angie's glass is empty! What's up with that? Someone fill Angie's glass!

In the L-Pal, Michael is bitching about all the money that was wasted on the six-hour event. Michael insists in an interview that nobody did anything wrong except for Danny, who fell down on his obligation to "be the mastermind" of what they were trying to do. Erin and Danny are talking about Michael, though, and the fact that he so obviously rode his exemption and did no work. "Michael was dead weight and a negative presence," she sums up nicely. Good work for an attorney, in terms of the words-to-message ratio. She tells Danny that she just thinks Michael has no integrity. She thinks that they need to get this across to Trump. And indeed, in a team meeting, they all agree that Michael was a complete drag, and that he's the one who should go. Erin says that they need to find out whether there are any exceptions to the exemption issue, and Danny insists that Trump can make whatever decision he wants, including the revocation of an exemption. Danny tells us that the team unanimously agreed to argue to Trump that Michael should be fired in spite of the exemption. Oy. Interesting plan, that. ["I'd have tried it; I think they had a legitimate claim as to the spirit of the exemption rule being broken, and if Erin had argued it better they might have put it over." -- Sars]

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