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Magna comes to the Boardroom. Robin tells them to drop their bags and head in. They await Trump, and then he enters without his now-usual "Hell-o." He must be mad. Or chewing gum. When he's seated, Trump asks Danny about the reason that the team lost. Danny says that the team worked hard and tried to win. But before they talk about the task, Danny has something else he wants to talk about. He says that the team understands about exemptions. But the team also is aware that an exemption -- "especially a gift from you" (barf, suck-up, that doesn't even work on people you're dumping) -- is something that should not be taken for granted or abused. Danny argues that Michael abused the "gift" of the exemption. Trump argues back that Michael didn't get a gift, really -- he earned the exemption, after all, for winning last week's task. The team resists, even after Trump basically tells them that Michael has an exemption, and the rules are the rules. Erin goes all cutesy as she tells Trump that all contracts have out clauses, and all language is subject to interpretation. And this is no exception, and she thinks there are built-in exceptions to the idea of an exemption. It's probably the best argument they had, but it's fairly clear, at least to me, that Trump isn't buying. Erin tells Trump that frankly, she thinks Michael lacks "personal integrity," and shouldn't get the job for that reason. She argues that Michael "did nothing on this task."

Trump now turns his attention to Danny, questioning the decision to pay one firm $50,000 from the budget. "That was idiotic," Michael mutters, having absolutely no idea when to shut his hole. When Trump asks whose idea the planner was, Stephanie says that she's the one who found the planner, after calling several. Trump asks how the planner did for them, in terms of performance, and Stephanie says that she thinks they were great, and "pulled off a wonderful event." Erin puts in that without the planner, they would have had no concept at all. Of course, that admission does not exactly cover them in glory. "It was that or full-frontal nudity" is not a great defense of your "big idea." When Trump asks her what she thought of Danny as a team leader, Stephanie claims that she didn't like the fact that he had such a hard time making decisions. George presses for a real answer, but she just says that she wishes the decisions had come more quickly.

Now, Trump asks Bren for his position, and Bren can read the writing on the wall about the Michael situation, so he answers what he was actually asked (a novel approach) by saying he would tend to place the responsibility for the loss itself on Danny. He does say, however, that if he could fire anyone at all, it would certainly be Michael, basically for being exactly the dipshit that everyone has been saying he was. Bren thinks that Michael showed a "total lack of integrity by his actions yesterday." Trump pushes on the fact that everyone obviously thinks Michael is a shit, but is Michael the reason why they lost? "Ultimate responsibility should fall on Danny's shoulders," Bren says, giving Trump the point. Trump gives the team a huge opening when he asks them whether they're arguing that Michael was so bad that he "violated a certain trust" and should be fired in spite of the exemption. Erin, not doing too badly except for the hair these days, jumps in and says that Michael violated Trump's trust and everyone else's by slacking off just because he was exempt. "I feel very strongly about this," she says. She strenuously objects!

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