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ANYWAY. Trump gets up and says something about how he doesn't either always ask for his father's help, and...she didn't even say that, so I think they cut that part out of her speech, which was kind of short-sighted, really. Trump kind of waves his hand and stomps off. Coherent! We next see Trump at a presentation where he is explaining that he has a new idea -- an Atlantic City casino. He continues pitching Baby Brother Robert as they take a walk together (things are moving fast, see), and he ultimately tells "Bobby" that he needs "someone [he] can trust" on the project. They take off in the Trumpicopter. We return to Bobby and Donny strolling at the future site of the casino, where they are talking financing. It's no "screaming and shooting of the best friend," but the long and short of it is that the casino partners Trump wants to work with are willing to get started, but they want to see some progress in the form of a groundbreaking. The only problem is that they won't be ready to break ground for six months. CUT! What do you think will happen next? I'm guessing you're right. As you'd expect, Trump welcomes the investors to the site, and there are trucks driving around and construction guys doing a lot of milling. Do you get it? Because nothing's happening, but he's making it look like it is. This is as close as you will get to an explanation of what people think is the genius of Donald Trump, so try to enjoy it while you can. Trump manages to fool the Harrah's guy into thinking things are going well, although one guy does note that the trucks appear not to be doing anything. That guy is here to represent the voice of reason and is, of course, ignored. And then the casino opens. Speedy! Peter Wennik, Brother Bobby, and Trump take a walk outside the entrance in their tuxes during the apparent gala, and Trump incidentally mentions that he and Ivana are taking some time apart. Blink and you'll miss it. And then Trump is talking about how New York City doesn't have the world's tallest building, and he's getting That Look, and Peter Wennik is laughing and pantomiming his own death in faux horror about what Donald "Lucy" Trump will be getting him into next, and things are crazy. Crazy! Weirdly, the next time we see Trump, he's already talking about the new development, and Wennik is already looking gloomy for some reason. I think we missed some moment where Wennik started having doubts about everything that's happening, but I suppose imperfect character development is the price a guy pays for being a composite. Trump is asked at a press conference whether the "local community" will want the development, and he assures them that the community will love it, leading inevitably to the shot of the local community taking up picket signs in protest. Hilarious! And what are they chanting? "Hell, no, we won't go." About a development? They're not very good protestors, I have to say. Because...won't go where? They do not say. Maybe they won't go to the development. Maybe they're not angry, they're just not interested. Anyway, as the press conference continues, Wennik smokes unhappily. Still not sure what's bugging him, really. I diagnose him with a sinus infection or an existential crisis.

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