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We cut to Koch's office, where he's talking about how nobody wants Trump's "Television City" development with a "suburban mall" in Manhattan and so forth. And then we cut back to Trump, who is very unhappy about the m-word being used to describe his "masterpiece." Wennik tells him that it is, after all, pretty much a mall. This is another of many scenes in which Wennik and Trump talk, and Trump blusters about Koch, and Wennik tries to calm him, and blah dee blah. For no apparent reason, Ivana strolls into the middle of this discussion to demand "a more advantageous nup." She stands with her hands on her hips, and Trump looks confused -- as I am myself -- until Wennik amusedly points out that she means "pre-nup." Ivana protests, of course, that it's no longer a pre-nup, now that they're married. It's a "nup." Get it? Get it? Sigh. He says no, she says yes, and he says, "I'll think about it." There is enough dramatic tension in this room to power an electric razor! Trump returns to bitching about Koch. We now watch Trump and Koch on the telephone disparaging each other in a montage I truly never thought I'd see. Or, I should say, "live to see." Or maybe "have to see." Doop-dee-doo, they hate each other and talk at the same time, and they are enemies. Ultimately, this ends with Trump getting a call from Wennik. While they're talking about how exactly to foil Koch, Trump is watching a report on TV about the deteriorating Wollman Rink in Central Park. And he's getting a wonderful, Grinchy idea. The TV journalist talks about how run-down and awful it is, and Trump literally watches in disbelief and says, "Cut it out." As you can probably imagine, this leads us into the montage in which Trump rescues Wollman Rink from the brink of ruin, showing up Koch by doing the renovation cheap and fast, and it's not entirely clear how this really does a lot to put Koch on the spot, but it apparently does. I guess. Whatever. Rink! Skaters! News reports calling Trump an "angel"! When this is a fait accompli, which takes about 15 seconds, Trump chats up Wennik over dinner, and they agree that it shouldn't be a problem to get the building approved now that he's a local hero. Oh, New York is such a cheap date. Trump is next seen polishing the silverware in a restaurant like the germophobe he is, and he pauses when he gets a call. As it turns out, he has lost the battle on the building, and the city has still ruled against him in spite of his good deeds. Wennik cautions him that he's "overextended," and then Trump speaks the magic words, "I refuse to listen to anyone else ever again." That's as opposed, I guess, to the consensus-builder he has been to this point. He blathers about how he won't be pushed around anymore, and then we get a sidebar in which Trump -- for literally no reason -- chooses this moment to show Wennik the mock-up of the cover of his book, The Art Of The Deal. With so many of these things, it's like they're just throwing them in there to make sure you don't think Gwenda Blair doesn't know Trump wrote a book. Anyway, Trump talks about some bike race that might be organized, and Wennik gives him some shit about his helicopter (don't you hate that?), which Wennik reminds him he can't afford. This leads Trump to proclaim, "There's nothing I can't afford." We also discover at this point that he has purchased Mar-a-Lago, which I really hope means that he's already commissioned that totally fucking awesome painting of himself. And then Trump puts his feet on the desk and tells Wennik that he's about to tell the press he's running for president. Wennik suddenly looks tortured. It is still basically unclear why Trump would bother Wennik now, when he hung in through the days of the shitty casinos.

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