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We return to the press conference, in a move that's a little disorienting, and when it's over, Donald Trump is leaving the event when he's approached by a slumming Saul Rubinek, who introduces himself as Peter Wennik. But Trump doesn't want to shake his hand, leading to the movie's one outright mention of Trump's germophobia. "I'm afraid people don't wash properly," he says by way of explanation. Trump then exposits that Wennik (who, as I understand it, is one of those "composite characters" we've heard about, meaning there is no such person) is "the lawyer." Trump has to explain this, because lawyers don't wear little railroad engineer caps or anything else the writers could think of to use as a visual cue. Gavels are a tiny bit inappropriate, and people find them unsettling. Papa-T has told Donald, we learn, that Wennik is "amazing," "crazy," and nearly in charge of the city. "True, untrue, and...true," Wennik says. What we are not told is how, exactly, Wennik "practically run[s] the city," something that might have made a nice tidbit to accompany all that riveting business about germs. Wennik makes various ominous and possibly promising (hey, it can be a fine line) comments to Trump about his ambition, and hands him a card, saying, "I can usually be found here." I suspect that card says, "Lair Of Intrigue." But before we can hear more, they part, as they must, in order that we may later see them encounter each other again. We then watch Trump cleaning (with undiluted bleach, probably) a simple apartment while rehearsing a presentation about his big project. As he works and talks and works and talks, there is a knock at the door. Trump opens it and says, "Freddy!" I actually went into this scene figuring you'd be able to set your watch by the time it took for one of these guys to call each other "big brother" or "little brother," in case you don't remember from the opening scene, and on first viewing, I thought they had actually not done it, which was very impressive. On second viewing, I realized that it is said so quickly when the door is opened -- "Brother!", Freddy exclaims -- that I had actually missed it by the time I started looking for it. Jesus. Anyway, they chitchat, and Freddy clumsily exposits that he is a pilot (as the opening dictated!), and then Freddy ultimately reveals that he's quitting piloting. "Didn't work out," he says, and Donald tells him that being a pilot is for suckers anyway. A smart man will own the airline! He could buy and sell you all! Sigh. Donald toddles off to bed, and we move to a close-up of the kitchen counter. Wow, I wonder what this is about. I have another pretzel while wondering whether this might be important, and then, Freddy's hand comes into the frame, dropping onto the countertop one...two...three little bottles of airline booze. Barely enough to get a debutante tipsy, but nevertheless, we have arrived at the Freddy Is An Alcoholic section of the movie. Or at least the Freddy Is An Alcoholic moment of the movie. There's a lot of ground to cover, after all. Siblings who are addicts can't be hogging all the screen time. We've got wives to get through.

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