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Calm of the Wild

John Rich, Meat Loaf and Hatch are back at the war room trying to work up two banners and a pamphlet. But they find it pretty difficult to tie anything into a theme, since THERE IS NO THEME. Busey and Jose are sitting in chairs just chilling, and Mark wonders how Busey can feel that safe as project manager. Mark calls John and tells him they're sort of directionless and needs help. John says they're in the same boat, because there's no theme. John says he's come to learn that Mark's a panicker. Jose and Busey discuss the weather and the time going by slowly.

ASAP's decorating. Star has even put together a little campfire, which impresses Marlee. Each of the ladies has decorated her area of the camper as much as she can, which is all Niki asked them to do. They decide to call a meeting to find out what's left to do. Star calls Niki to ask her what's up. First she asks if everything's sent to the printer, and Niki says it is. Star says they're not sure what to do now, because they don't know what the experience is. Niki, sounding like a complete ditz, says, "What do you mean you don't know what the experience is? We're camping!" Niki says it's difficult to have Star on the team, because you can't tell if she's just playing the game or is really like this. Niki decides to send a group to Home Depot to get some green turf so it looks more like camping. Star says she doesn't understand this, so Niki needs to come back now. She promises they're on their way.

Backbone. Mark tells Lil Jon that there's no way they can win this task, since they have no theme and no experience and they're all sitting around doing nothing. He feels like he's back in high school with a paper due tomorrow, and he didn't even read the book. Jose and Busey play catch. Lil Jon and Mark decide to take video of the game of catch, in case they need to expose him in the boardroom. Mark interviews that maybe if he can show Trump this side of Busey, "Maybe Mr. Trump won't be so enamored of an Academy Award nomination in 1979. You know?" How surprising is it that Mark is the smart one? Mark videos him obviously, and even gets him to say he's playing baseball on camera, and that he feels like they're killing the task. Lil Jon tells Mark that's the funniest shit all day. And, you know, they work with Busey, so there's been a lot of funny shit.

ASAP. Niki and Hope talk about how Star's being crazy for saying she doesn't know the experience of camping. I mean, she, like, totally shopped at a camping store this morning. What more does it take? Hope says Star's a bully. Although, compared to these two, I'm actually starting to prefer the bullies. Niki sends Dionne and La Toya to Home Depot, but they really want to go to Bed Bath and Beyond. So this is not likely to go well. Backbone graphics guys arrive back at the campers and notice that nothing's done and it looks like a cluttery piece of shit. They realize they're going to have to do everything. John comments on Jose being lazy. He's so mad to find that the generator is still in its box while a giant like Jose is sitting on a couch inside. Team meeting. Busey says he doesn't need to tell them what he's saying, because that's totally covered. Then he makes a long metaphor about this being like a cake and ice cream. Which makes no sense (obviously). Back at ASAP, Marlee says that turf would be really nice, and Niki says she knows and hopes they're getting it right now. She starts to worry and calls Dionne and La Toya, but they don't answer. She says there won't be time tomorrow, so she really hopes they make it to both places.

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