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Calm of the Wild

Boardroom. Trumplets sit and wait as the teams enter. Then Trump joins them. He tells La Toya he heard she was amazing, and he's surprised because he doesn't see her as a camper. She says she's not, but she wrote everything down when Marcus took them through the camper. Trump asks Niki if that's impressive, and she says she couldn't ask for a better team. He asks who was the most impressive, and she says all of them. Don literally rolls his eyes. LOVE. Trump asks if she's confident they won, and Niki says she's not sure. Trump tells her that not being confident is not usually a good sign. She tries to backtrack that they had a good product, but he just says they'll see. He asks Marlee, and she says she absolutely thinks they won, because they all worked together very well, better than ever. Trump asks what Hope thought of Niki, and Hope says they needed someone with her personality, because they all got along this week. So Trump asks Star, who says she was thrilled with Niki, who was smart and capable. She says they had an opportunity to embrace this and make it their own, and she's never seen a team work so well together. Star says Marlee's a demon when it comes to the bedroom. Trump asks what that means, and Ivanka's like, "Are you surprised that got his attention?" P.S. Ivanka looks very cute in sleek black with her hair up. She's such a doll. I don't know how she came from Trump. Star says everyone did a great job, and she thinks they won.

Trump asks Niki what Dionne did, and Niki says that she made a beautiful kitchen, but picked bad timing to come up to her and ask about Hope being on the wrong trailer. Dionne says she doesn't know how it was bad timing. Niki calmly explains that she was about to go get more clients, and Dionne was being "very excited and emotional." Not exactly the truth, but she was a little angry, so okay. Don says that he definitely saw and people commented that Dionne's good when you give her something to do, but she never takes that extra step. Marlee says that Dionne works very well when given a task, and has very good money management skills, but she's not necessarily a multi-tasker. She says she does what they ask her to do, which is what they expect from her. Trump asks if that's a compliment, and Marlee says it depends what Trump's looking for.

Trump moves on to Backbone, and asks Busey about his leadership. Busey thinks he was a very good leader, because he pays attention and listens to his team. Trump asks Hatch what kind of leader Busey was, and he says he believes that Busey believes what he's saying, but Hatch doesn't believe he was a good leader. Ivanka asks John, who says Busey is an inspirational person and has potential to be a great leader, but he's disappointed in his inability to bring leadership to this team. Meat Loaf says Busey was good in situations. Trump says Gary's different, and is a genius, which a lot of people can't understand. Meat Loaf says Busey got hearing aids, which helped, and Busey says that Marlee brought him a miracle by sending him to her doctor, where he got hearing aids. He says he was only able to use forty percent of his hearing, so he's been legally deaf. He says Marlee came to him and sent him down there. He says he now has all five senses working compatibly and evenly. He feels his life is changed. Trump says he thinks he's a great guy, but he may be fired tonight. Busey: "I may be what?" Trump tells him that's convenient.

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