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Calm of the Wild

Trump asks Mark, who says Busey is unconventional and good in some ways. Trump asks Lil Jon, who thinks Busey is incredibly talented, but on this task there wasn't a lot of direction. Lil Jon says this isn't personal, but he, Jose, and Mark were in the RVs with no direction, no idea what their project was. He says everyone was doing their own thing to come together as a team, but it wasn't together. Ivanka asks Busey who was the weakest, and he says that he sometimes feels like there's an alliance against him, which was very hard when he couldn't hear. Ivanka asks who's forming the alliance, and he says it feels like a group. Trump asks who's the weakest player, and Busey says Lil Jon. Trump asks why, and Busey says he wouldn't communicate or look him in the eyes. Busey says it isn't that he's the weakest player, but he's hard to communicate with compatibly. Lil Jon says Busey was cutting him off that day and wouldn't listen to him; the only people he would listen to were Meat Loaf and John Rich. They bicker until Trump cuts them off.

Trump asks the Trumplets if they have anything else to say, and Ivanka says she'd like to ask Jose about how he was sitting on the couch and acting passive when she came in. She couldn't believe he wouldn't even get off the couch when she came in, while everyone else was working so hard. He lies that she actually caught him on a five-minute break. He says anyone here would tell them he's the most physical and has the most stamina. Trump agrees with the physical part, but wonders if the stamina bit is true. Mark says he'll challenge him, since he hasn't taken a break. And John pipes up, "Who picked up the generator?" Jose says John impressed him. John says he works, because he's a farm boy. Jose says he was super-impressed. Trump asks Mark if he has something to say, and Mark says if this were a weightlifting contest, it would be a different question. Trump acknowledges that it's not. Then he tells John that Marcus loved his tune, and they send Meat Loaf to get John's guitar. John's like, "How about the fact that Meat Loaf is my roadie right now?" John sings his Camping World tune for the boardroom. Mark and Meat Loaf pipe in on the chorus, and Busey "Yee-haw!"s at the end.

Trump asks if hearing John's song makes the women think they have less of a chance now. They don't think so. Star says she loves the song, and is honored to be in John's presence (that's going a bit far), but she says she's happy with her team's branding message and theme. Trump says it's time to find out who won. He says Marcus felt the men's experience was absolutely wonderful. He thought the women did a good job, but there was no contest; the men won. And Busey's charity will get the $20,000 from Trump and another $20,000 from Camping World. He sends them back to their suite to watch the coming catfight. Although, really, Niki might be too sedated to make this exciting.

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