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My guess is it's Dee, which I unfortunate but justified, since he created that terrible box design. Trump is surprised the MEN brought Dayana back for elimination. Hey, can't blame THAT on catty female jealousy. Dee sticks up for Dayana/kisses her ass like he has been, while saying Lou was not creating much for the team. He let Lisa and Penn do everything for the presentation, and Dee did the box. Dee also makes the bold claim that he gave 120 percent on the task. 120 percent! Even more percents! Dee talks about the "The Lou Whisperers" (him, Clay, Arsenio) on the old men's team and how they compensated and handled Lou.

Trump says explicitly that he's not getting rid of Dayana, so it's down to Lou vs. Dee. Walgreens loved Lou's testimonial, so that's an advantage. Trump is so orange today, you guys, I feel like I should mention that before proceeding. He's incredibly chagrined to have to fire anybody from this threesome, but his hands are tied! He cites the bad box design in his ultimate decision to fire Dee.

Limo talk: Dee implores the rest of the celebrities to stop propping up Lou. The Trumps can't see him for what he is. That's actually...the truth. Sing it, Twisted Sister.

Next week: Is Aubrey gone for good?? Um, hi, obviously not. Also, it's Lisa vs. Arsenio, followed by Lisa vs. Dayana. Lotsa yelling and anti-South America insults!

Joe R was so sure this three-hour-episode thing was an April Fool's gag. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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