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When asked by Trump who came up with the game show idea, Aubrey says it was "one of the guys, I can't remember which," which sets off Arsenio yet again, saying it's another symptom of her self-centeredness that she seemingly can't differentiate one Non-Aubrey from another Non-Aubrey. Aubrey cries and appeals to Teresa alone: "Aren't I a good teammate? Didn't I teach you things?" Now Trump gets irked by Aubrey, more than I would have expected, saying it's pretty bullshit to presume that she taught Teresa anything. Trump means because Teresa is a grown woman, but the truth is because Teresa can't ever learn anything. All three boys say they'd fire Aubrey, obviously.

The Walgreens execs say they liked Forte's presentation, especially Lou's testimonial, but they didn't like Penn saying "Wal-Mart," nor did they like the negative words on the box. And for those reasons, Arsenio's team WINS. Amazing. All that agita for naught! If there's one brilliant thing about this dumb show, it's that they can wrangle Arsenio vs. Aubrey from a winning team. Arsenio breaks into tears, for a number of reasons; the Aubrey fight already had him on edge, and his charity (the Magic Johnson Foundation) has a personal connection to him, as he's both friends with Magic and had a cousin recently die of AIDS. On the team's way out, Aubrey is also shaken and takes the elevator down into parts unknown, teasing that she'll leave the show. That chick knows how to wrestle a spotlight back onto her, doesn't she?

Back in the penthouse, Arsenio shouts out to his cousin Sharon while Teresa looks on awkwardly. But that's not nearly the extent of it. He goes on a completely unhinged rant about what a terrible person Aubrey is, how hollow, how evil, how manipulative and self-centered. He looks like a total crazy person. He looks like a total crazy person to TERESA GIUDICE. Yikes.

Back in the boardroom, Lou is on the hot seat now; but he's the one Walgreens liked in the presentation, so my sense is he's fine. Lou keeps saying he gave 110 percent like that's an objective metric and surprisingly says Dee should be fired for the box mishap. Meanwhile, everyone else seems to think Lou should be fired. Dayana even says Lou didn't lead them well. Lisa would again bring Dayana back in addition to Lou, which isn't the huge scandal Trump is making it out to be. Penn and Dee are clearly stronger teammates to want around. Lou ultimately picks Dayana and Dee to bring back.

The You're-Fired-ing:

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