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Out With A Whimper

Ivanka's opinion: She was extremely impressed with the execution of the dinner, since they fed 500 people in forty-five minutes. She also liked how he engaged the golfers. And the d├ęcor was gorgeous. Trump agrees. Then asks Don what she thought of Brandy. He thought they did great, but with a big negative of the clubs not being up to the caliber of the prizes they're used to. That said, the VIPs all enjoyed the tournament and had a great time. Trump thinks those are great reviews. Then he thanks the six teammates, with a special thanks for Liza for being a good golfer, tells them they're all great and to call if they ever need any help, then sends them out. He reminds Clint and Brandy what show they're on: "One of you will become The Apprentice." Can we do it now?

Trump congratulates them both, saying there are no losers in this room. He asks Clint why he should hire him, and he goes on and on about his education, and how he's a well-known leader where he's from. And he's a "CEO in a box," just waiting to take over an entity. Trump asks what job Clint would want if he were to become his apprentice. He sites a resort Trump's building in Scotland, and says he'd be happy to leave Texas or go anywhere to learn from Trump. Then Trump asks Brandy, and she says she'll keep hers shorter, but she thinks she's proven herself and that if they got to know her better, they would work well together. Then she says that she would like to work with Don or Ivanka or Eric, because she would like to learn from the next generation of Trump. He thinks that's a very good answer, because his kids are smart and great (and, really, they are).

Trump tells Clint he's been amazing, and he couldn't ask for anything more. Then he tells Brandy the same thing, but adds that the teammates almost all wanted her to win. So he hires her. Clint looks devastated. They both head out into the lobby, and then Brandy goes to join the six to let them know she won. They're all happy and congratulate her. She can't describe how amazing this is. "I am the next apprentice." Why am I so bored? Is it possible that Celebrity Apprentice ruined the original version, which used to be pretty awesome. They all toast Team Brandy on our way out.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, is a little disappointed not to get Clint's taxicab confession or Next Step. You can contact her at

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