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Second Verse, Same As The First

Anyway, Tana stole the show; Magna sold Moby; they won. John defended his way of negotiating, even though he was unlikable and creepy and kind of a sexist and DID I MENTION THE CHAIN WALLET? So Trump fired him. Bye! John, too, tells us that he would do nothing different, because he is all about his integrity. That's what caused him not to ask for better prizes to be auctioned off for charity, you know. It was his integrity. The charity doesn't need the money! It's time to stop asking celebrities for so darn much, don't you think?

We close with Trump running down the nine who are left. He says that more tasks are to come, and one of them will get the job with him. Who will succeed? Who will fail? Who will be The Apprentice? Boy, that was a really inspiring and awesome shot that...they've already used.

Get me out of here, seriously. I hate clip shows.

Next week: The words "Sass The Donald" are used. That can only be good.

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