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So, yeah, over at Net Worth, Kristen made enemies everywhere with her "abrasive style." She also was kind of incompetent and weird, and even Audrey knew Kristen was screwing up, which is like having your singing cringed at by Phoebe Buffay. The teams screened their ads for Trump, who found the cucumber one "the worst commercial [he'd] ever seen...until [he] saw Net Worth's ad." Ha! I really think I have to hold out for the fact that Magna's is worse, but I'll buy the joke anyway, because I am the cheapest date ever. Nipples and Trump decided that both teams sucked, and both teams would have to come to the Boardroom. There, it was Kristen who ultimately took a walk. I love the part where Trump says that he was half-tempted to fire the entire group and get new candidates, by the way. Kristen tells us that she "did an incredibly awesome job," and she says that she wouldn't change anything. So to sum up, she'd go back and lose all over again, given the chance. And she wouldn't even have the guy in the ad wash his face.

New: Next task involved Airstream trailers. Remember? Well, you probably don't remember, because you didn't know, that they put Audrey in charge of holding the money on her team. No, they did. Audrey. The money. The money, and Audrey. Tana interviews that Audrey just "sat in the car and counted the money." Quite frankly, I suspect even that took a while. And while she was at it, Audrey apparently managed to lose some so she's kind of firing on...both cylinders. She lost $71, to be exact, and it's hard not to come up with something about her five-dollar ass, isn't it? ["I love the shot of her counting in the van with the door open and this little pile of cash beside her, suggesting that the missing cash just blew out the window. Which really could have been what happened. Paperweights, people. Or close the damn door." -- Wing Chun] Tana is also a little confused as to why Audrey was doing the math with pen and paper and long columns. "That's when I knew...the elevator wasn't goin' to the top." Hee. I love Tana, even tough the positioning of your elevator doesn't necessarily have a lot to do with your ability to do math. Ask many of your neighborhood mathematicians, when they climb down out of the rafters. It appears that Audrey just added wrong, and there perhaps isn't missing money -- she just thought there was more than there was. Or something? I don't know.

Michael, meanwhile, struggled to sell massages on the street. Erin says that Michael had a can't-do attitude, fine, but I don't care for her much in this footage, either.

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